4 Feb: Titans of Industry

In the wake of the Terran invasion the Federation’s neighbor and occasional nemesis, the Confederacy of Azed, has been left in a state of chaos. Contact has been established with Grand Chancellor Eraton of Viggo, who claims to represent the whole of the Confederacy, but it is extremely unlikely that he has truly managed to reform a centralized government. Stabilization of the region remains a top priority for the Federation.

With that in mind, this mission has been authorized to attempt to contact the government of Kacam. As noted in the CIR, Kacam’s corporate-style planetary government remains intact and the upper echelons of society came out of the invasion relatively unscathed. The situation for majority of the population, however, is extremely dire. The average citizens are facing shortages of food, clean water, housing, and civil services.

Once contact is made, the team’s primary goal should be opening a dialog aimed at combating the humanitarian crisis on Kacam. The team is authorized to extend the Federation’s offer to provide an initial shipment of foodstuffs, pending a formal trade agreement, however discovery of a longer-term solution would be preferred.

This mission’s secondary objective of intelligence gathering is equally critical. Notably, details of the relationship, if any, between Kacam and Eraton/Viggo would be extremely valuable. Likewise, additional information on the state of Kacam itself and the Confederacy as a whole will be vital for the planning of future missions.

Shift Time: beta

Audience:  OPEN  Note: all characters will be aboard a single ship during the event. However, additional captains may still attend and it will simply be assumed that their ships are nearby but holding position outside sensor range to avoid the appearance of bringing an armada to a peace talk.

Event Type: Structured - This is primarily another sit & talk event, but bridge stations will be accessible for anyone who wants to do some investigating on the side. Characters who just wanna snoop around and not be involved in the actual talks are welcome too! Please feel free to take the initiative and get creative.

Starting Point: Sector space for bridge invites.