TO: RDML Bishop | SUBJ: Update on Task Force creation

To: RDML S. Bishop
From: CAPT C. Dubois
Subj: Update on Task Force creation


I am pleased to report that the first explorative meeting for the creation of the task force has been successful. I’ve managed to confirm the interest of CAPT Tungsten, of the USS Dragon, and CAPT Barron, of the USS Alexander. After consulting with both Ambassador Perim and T’Vel, a diplomat from the Diplomatic Corps detachment here on DS13, we have agreed that a small task force is what is needed.
The aim will be to support ongoing Federation diplomatic efforts by focusing mainly on relief efforts. Instead of simply superimposing a further organization upon what is already being done by Sagittarius Squadron, however, the task force will work as a mobile, rapid-reaction, unit, able to enhance Starfleet presence whenever and wherever needed with a focused action.
Thereby, should you believe this project to be feasible, I ask you for a formal confirmation of the task force creation, which I propose to simply call Task Force Peacecraft (the name seems quite fitting, giving the circumstances).
I’m of course available should you need any further clarification.

CAPT Christian Dubois
Commanding Officer,
USS Peacecraft