AAR: Azedi Diplomacy

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CAPT Mirazuni, A.

LOCATION Azedi Space.

MISSION Diplomatic conversation with Azedi government.

OUTCOME Military access and 8,000 year old wormhole generation technology obtained, in trade for Project Teleraptor technology.


  • CAPT Hanson, R.
  • CAPT Dubois, C.
  • CAPT Mirazuni, A.
  • CMDR Tyrstoc
  • LCDR Often, S.
  • LT Khet, M.
  • LTJG Sovum, V.

  • CDR Mandukar, D.

NARRATIVE A task force of diplomatic ships arrived unhindered into Azedi space. Eventually, we were intercepted by six Azedi Arenonac-class destroyers, one having extensive battle damage. The Azedi first thought we were the Terran invaders, but CDR Mandukar was able to convince the Azedi of our willingness to talk and that we were not our Mirror counterparts.

We were granted reception with the 3rd highest military officer in the Azedi, Commandant Eraton of Viggo. It was notable that he was commanding a destroyer and not a dreadnought. There was a series of back and forth, but it was clear that the Azedi were desperate at wanting the technology for Project Teleraptor; other offers such as repairs were seen as inconsequential. They were willing to give away military access for the technology; seen as a minor inconvenience.

After lengthy discussion, the OUTCOME was eventually reached.

RECOMMENDATION It is clear that the Azedi are desperate and I would fathom that their war against the Terrans is not going well. The Commandant revealed that the Terrans have a potent version of Teleraptor. I would also infer that the fact that the Commandant was in charge of a destroyer, indicates the lack of ships on the Azedi side, a fact that was confirmed as the Commandant was lying when he stated that the Azedi had the capability of repairing their own ships. Thus, from their unwillingness to accept our help to repair their ships, and their desperation for this technology, I would surmise that the Azedi are really backed into a corner.

RECOGNITION CDR Mandukar was crucial in establishing friendly relations. CAPT Hanson performed exceptionally well under the circumstances, synthesising a great deal of information and keeping a professional front. I would expect nothing less from a former Chief of Ops.

OOC This is the AAR for the event Azedi Diplomacy. Take that Terrans!