20 Aug: Command Briefing

38th Fleet and Hurq Mevik Flag Officers are holding an open briefing to outline the teams and scenarios for the upcoming wargames. In addition to being informative, this should be a great opportunity for officers to meet & greet with their teammates and simulated enemies alike.

Shift Time: gamma. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Mostly Social

Starting Point: Sector space for bridge invites

At this event IC information will be provided to the characters about the Wargames event, along with OOC information based on sign-ups in that event’s thread. We will post all of the information to the forums for anyone who can’t make it, so not to worry. The remainder of the event is simply time set aside for social interaction, Q&A with the admirals, or whatever other shenanigans happen to manifest.