15-21 Aug: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

KDF Task Force Hurq Mevik has been operating in the Boreth and Ba’aja Sectors working to stabilize the Empire following the civil war. In the interest of normalizing Alliance relations, Stafleet Command and KDF High Command have arranged for Hurq Mevik participate in a series of wargames with the 38th Fleet. The KDF task force will be arriving a week in advance to take advantage of DS13’s hospitality while both units prepare for the joint exercises.

When/Schedule: 15 - 21 August. Mini-events hosted throughout, plus some full events on the weekend.

  • Mon 15 Aug @ gamma - Mini-event (45-60 mins)
  • Tue 16 Aug @ beta - Mini-event (45-60 mins)
  • Sat 20 Aug @ gamma - Command Briefing
  • Sun 21 Aug @ beta - Wargames

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Varies

Starting Point: Deep Space 13

The event schedule is tentative and will be updated as we get closer and other GMs sign on to run content. If you’re interested in GMing an event (or mini-event) please contact staff and let us know!

This is a great opportunity for everyone to consider bringing an alt in to our Klingon-faction fleet Zenas Privateers. Accepting KDF officers as well as mercenary/privateer-types! Check out the ZP info page here for more info, and just follow the normal alt application process to get started!


The time is nearly upon us!

There is a really important practical implication of cross-faction RP that we need to be aware of and consider during our RP this week. Fleet Starbases are not cross faction, so we won’t be able to actually host KDF characters on the fleet base. We can use ship bridges, however. So with that in mind…

Staff is asking everyone to be flexible with their RP scene locations, and recommending the following:

  • When there is the possibility of cross-faction RP, casual RP should be conducted OOCly on a starship bridge, representing some other starbase lounge ICly.

  • Whoever hosts the bridge should be willing to remain attentive to OOC chat and provide invites to anyone who wants one.

  • Asking for a bridge invite should be normalized behavior! Don’t be afraid to speak up, even if you just want to lurk. You’re not intruding and everyone should feel welcome!

  • If you are hosting the bridge and you need to log off, make sure to let everyone know that you’re no longer available to send invites.

  • When the host logs out, everyone RPing on the bridge should consider opening a new instance so that others can be invited.

  • Normalize OOC courtesy at the expense of convenience. If someone asks for an invite and you can’t provide one, your answer should always be “Hold on, we’ll switch to a new instance so we can invite you!” Likewise, if you happen to have started an RP on the starbase, and a KDF character logs in looking for RP, you should move your scene to a bridge to accommodate them.

Cross-faction RP only works if everyone’s willing to sacrifice a little convenience to make it work. Please be courteous, please be open and inclusive, please be understanding.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation, and as always…