27th October | The Shinari Trial

After the attempted murder of a Terran POW, and a tense situation defused by Starfleet officers, it is time for Director Tridi of the Shinari Restoration Council to face trial…

Shift Time: Beta +1. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: Task Force Peacecraft members.

Attendance: GROUP - Only group members may attend.

RP Format: GM

Setting: Away Team

Starting Point: USS Peacecraft bridge

OOC This is the final act of the Shinari Arc, part of the Task Force Peacecraft initiative. Attendance is mainly reserved for members of the Task Force, though other characters may be admitted. Just PM me if interested.

Unless this forum treats DST differently than I remember, I thought Beta was 4pm EST, thus making the event 5pm EST? This shows 4pm. I’ll still be at work for another hour then.

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That’s because, as usual, I got confused with the timings. I’ll correct it!

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