38th Fleet Argo's Risan Baseball Tournament!

Take me out to the ball game

Do you like Baseball? Of course, you do! Its only the greatest sport in the Galaxy! Despite its wane in popularity, the history of the game endured and by the 24th century, the sport had become popular among Humans again for its grace and simple elegance. This year for our annual Risa Shore leave, Lt.Cmdr Hinez is hosting a little Departmental/FleetTournament!

Registration! (July 10th - July 16th)
Each Department and/or Starship is free to register a Team into the Tournament Bracket. Each “Team” must consist of 4 Members from said Department. ((Members can be PC’s or NPCs, however each NPC must be assigned to a PC ‘controller’ for dice roll order. You the PC can be a part of as many teams as you like, as long as the PC you are representing is a part of that Division.))

Playoffs! (July 17th - July 23rd)
Once all teams have registered, a Tournament Bracket will be made, with each team facing off against one another, in a pre-determined order. Depending on the Number of Teams, Multiple Playoff Matches may need to occur to narrow down our top two contenders! ((The Playoffs will be played out in a Discord RP Channel. The First “Set” of matches will be made by the host with all associated players added to the channel. The Matches will be determined in order by Dice Rolls according to the rule-set below, allowing players the opportunity to RP as well! Teams may also opt for “Automated” game, where Host will perform dice rolls for the game and determine outcome ,with a small summery posted afterwards.))

Fleet Series! (TBD)
The Final Two Teams to advance into the Finales will face off LIVE on Risa to fight for the bragging rights of Argo’s Baseball Champions! ((Date and Time TBD)). For this match, all team members MUST be PC characters, however each team can recruit OUTSIDE their division to fill the ranks. 4 players for each team must be present to participate in front of a live audience! Each team will take places (like a real game) but utilize the In-game /roll emote.


Shift Time: alpha / beta / gamma / delta. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: _Social _

Starting Point: Reply to this message with your Interested Team using the following form:

Team Captain: Name (Discord/Tag)
Team Name: (Optional; Will default to Department/Ship name if none)
Team Members:
- Team Member Name (PC/NPC)
- Team Member Name (PC/NPC)
- Team Member Name (PC/NPC)


Shift Time: alpha / beta / gamma / delta. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: LIMITED

Event Type: _ Structured _

Starting Point: _Discord RP Channel will be opened with all registered PC characters added.


Shift Time: PENDING. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: CLOSED

Event Type: _ Structured / Gameplay_

Starting Point: _Risa (Channel and Location TBD)

OOC (You thought Brex was kidding when he mentioned a Baseball Tournament! But alas here it is! Posted below are the D&D inspired Rules! As where it may seem a little daunting, teams can opt for the “automated” roll process where I will take the roster and roll out a game, and you can enjoy the ‘announcer style’ post that follows highlighting the match. )


((How To Play))

The basis of baseball has been condensed for simplicity and convenience for an in-game environment. Utilizing Dice-Roll mechanics. For Playoffs, Teams can opt for “Auto Roll” method, and have their match streamlined. However, for the Fleet Series the Host will be present to officiate/announce.

Teams will assign each member to a playing Position:

  • Defensive Rounds: Pitcher, 1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base
  • ===Position order can be “static” or chosen by dice roll at start of round.
  • Offensive Rounds: All players will take turns as “Hitters”
  • ===Hit Orde can be “static” or chosen by dice roll at start of round.

To determine starting positions, Team Captains will roll 1d100, and the team with the highest roll chooses to start the game on Offense or Defense.


Pitcher will Roll 1d20 to determine the Pitch of the Ball.
Hitter will Roll 1d20 to determine their swing.

  • ===If the Pitcher Rolls HIGHER than the Batter, it is a strike.
  • ===If the Pitcher Rolls THE SAME as the Batter, it’s a ball. (3 balls, and Offence gains 1 Base)
  • ===If the Pitcher Rolls LOWER than the Batter, it’s a hit!

When a Batter ‘Hits’ They must roll a 1d12 to Determine the “Location” the ball will fly.

  • 1 If a Hitter Rolls a 1, it is a Foul Ball (No Penalty or Strike)
  • 2-7 If a Hitter Rolls a 2 or 7 the ball heads to the Pitcher (See Catch Rules)
  • 3-8 If a Hitter Rolls a 3 or 8 the ball heads to 1st Base (See Catch Rules)
  • 4-9 If a Hitter Rolls a 4 or 9 the ball heads to 2nd Base (See Catch Rules)
  • 5-10 If a Hitter Rolls a 5 or 10 the ball heads to 3rd Base (See Catch Rules)
  • 6-11-12 If a Hitter Rolls a 6, 11, or 12 the ball is a HOME RUN!

If a Batter hits the ball in the direction of a Defensive Player, the Defending player in question can roll to see if they catch the ball or not. Roll a 1d20 and compare the roll to the Batters original “Hit” Roll.

  • HIGHER - They catch the ball, and it’s considered an “Out”
  • EQUAL/LOWER – They catch the ball, but the player makes it to base Safe

This method will continue until the Offensive Team acquires 4 “Outs” (One for each player), in which case, a new Round/Inning will start, with teams switching sides. There will be a total of 4 Innings (Two Rounds for each team on either position) with a 5th being set for Tie Games. The Team with the most “Home Runs” will be considered the Winner, and advance in the Tournament Bracket!


Team Captain: LTJG Murphy, Adelaide (Addie Murphy#1861/ @Adelaide )
Ship/Division: DS 13 Operations
Team Name: The Bad News Saber Bears
Team Members:

  • LT Terin, Ryrel (PC)
  • LCDR Suvik (PC)
  • TBN (PC/NPC)

Team Captain: CPT Valencia, Gabriella (DrCrippler#6909/ @Sam)
Ship/Division: U.S.S. Endeavour
Team Name: Endeavour Cosmico Ryu Tachi (CRT)
Team Members:
- LT Lee, Minhyuk (@Eunha)
- LTJG Mitsuki, Rumiho (@Master_Dex)
- ENS Sovum, Veneela (@Veneela)


((Last call for Registration! Any still interested please submit teams within the next 24hrs!))

Team Captain: CMDR LaSalle, Evette (Addie Murphy#1861/ @Adelaide )
Ship/Division: USS Dragon
Team Name:TBN
Team Members:

  • LT Neris, (PC)
  • LTJG Rodak, Raseljeni (PC)
  • TBN (NPC)