Regional Operations Briefing (July 2021)

38th Command invites you to participate in a discussion of current issues, events, and missions in the 38th’s area of operations. Tea and biscuits will be served.

Shift Time: Gamma. See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Research Lab Conference Room

Exact details, including time and date, are subject to change, depending on the availability of fleet staff.

This event will count towards one of the initiate tasks needed to complete the initiation.

After thinking about how this could be done better from last time, I have come up with the following idea. The below agenda lists discussion time for each squadron (this is a wiki post so you can edit directly). Squadron members who will be attending are free to list anything that they have been doing (either through official events or just made up), but these MUST be in the form of a full briefing so that anyone who reads them will know enough to discuss those points in the meeting itself. I may remove some discussion points if the list gets too long and these will be a priority for the next meeting.

This may be confusing to some, so please do let me know if you have any questions. As always, I’ll be looking for comments and suggestions about how best to run this, so don’t be afraid to let me know what you think.



  • Urgent business or announcements from Fleet Command

Diplomacy in Command

NAME & POSTING: RDML Samuel Bishop, 38th Fleet
BRIEFING: Diplomacy in Command Memorandum
RECOMMENDED ACTIONS: Increased command scrutiny using this format, at random times, or after recommendations reported in AARs.

  • Aries Squadron Updates
The Enemy Below

NAME & POSTING: CAPT A.H. Nimitz, USS Pegasus
BRIEFING: Pegasus encountered a Voth carrier group, however they ended up being destroyed by an unknown anomaly, investigation into the anomaly is pending.
RECOMMENDED ACTIONS: Anomaly investigation.
REPORTS: Pending.

  • Gemini Squadron Updates

United Planetary Federation

NAME & POSTING: CAPT Mirazuni Ayesha, U.S.S. Endeavour.
BRIEFING: Reports state that there is an established faction in the Alpha 7190 Sector called the “United Planetary Federation”. Exact intelligence about the UPF are slim, but we do understand that they are a group of different species all working together in some sort of alliance. The UPF are openly antagonistic to Starfleet, though they are not hostile and have been known to accept assistance from Starfleet when required. Continous forays into the Alpha 7190 sector will lead to contact with the group and without proper diplomatic oversight, a conflict is very likely.
RECOMMENDED ACTIONS: Establish diplomatic contact with the UPF, formalise recognition of the power, and set boundaries of exploration and contact. Gather intelligence about the power and attempt to find out why their views of Starfleet are negative.

  • Libra Squadron Updates

  • Sagittarius Squadron Updates

  • Taurus Squadron Updates

  • Task Force Updates
Task Force Spartacus

NAME & POSTING: LCDR Valore, 38th Fleet
BRIEFING: Task Force Spartacus is pursuing several leads into slaver activity masquerading as merchant vessels and the Romulan vigilantes that pursue them. Presently, sources point to Drozana Station, where the vigilantes have been spotted, Rimward Logistics, known for having ships that have been involved in slaving, and a fruit store on DS13 that Captain Tungsten investigated.
RECOMMENDED ACTIONS: Pursue leads. Find out more about all parties involved in this matter. Shut down slaver operations and discover how the Romulan vigilantes have managed to evade us.
AAR: Breadcrumbs
AAR Rimward Investigation
AAR: A Cry for Help?

Task Force Dove

NAME & POSTING: LCDR Valore, 38th Fleet
BRIEFING: T.F. Dove is pursuing sensitive matters in the region. All else is classified.

  • Deep Space 13 Updates

  • Questions for fleet command

Sample Briefing Format

NAME & POSTING: CAPT W. E. SHIPP, U.S.S. Shippy McShipface.
BRIEFING: We renamed our ship.
RECOMMENDED ACTIONS: Rename every ship.


Reminder for people to submit briefings for discussion!

This is today. People should have read the above briefings and relevant reports before the event so that they can contribute meaningfully to the discussion!

Log available here. These logs are public for all Starfleet Officers to view.

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