AAR: Thirteen over Fourteen

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

After Action Report

LOCATION Van Dooki System, Alpha 7190 Sector.

MISSION Gemini Squadron Training Mission.

OUTCOME Training cut short from a distress call from UPF Starbase 43, under attack from UPF ships. Settlement mediated between two parties.


  • CAPT C. Boris (U.S.S. Zenobia)
  • CAPT A. Mirazuni (U.S.S. Endeavour)

NARRATIVE The U.S.S. Endeavour and the U.S.S. Zenobia met to conduct a training exercise. Before exercises could commence, both ships picked up a distress call from a nearby Starbase, belonging to the so-called “United Planetary Federation”. Both ships decided to respond to the distress signal, where we saw that the base was under attack by UPF ships.

The inhabitants of Starbase 43 had wanted to “go independent” from the UPF and the attacking ships were ordered to force the base to surrender. Aware of the Prime Directive, it was decided that the U.S.S. Endeavour would evacuate non-combatants from the base and then return them after the conflict was solved internally by the UPF. Whilst the base was happy with this, the attacking ships protested as they had been hoping that the threat to the non-combatants would force the base to surrender without any loss of life on both sides.

By using the fact that neither side really wanted to kill the other, this officer was able to convince the representatives on the base to negotiate, whilst Captain Boris was able to do the same to the attacking ships, mediated by both Starfleet Captains. Negotiations were short and successful; the disagreement hinged on the increasing power of militaristic factions in the UPF forcing civilians to increasingly military rule. Once this point was negotiated, both sides resumed in their shared hostility to Starfleet. After begrudgingly receiving gratitude for our assistance, both this officer and Captain Boris returned to our ships and withdrew from the system.

RECOMMENDATION There can be no doubt that this “United Planetary Federation” is a large presence in the Alpha 7190 sector. Whilst they recognise Starfleet’s vast tactical superiority and are not militant against us, it is clear that they do not like the Federation. Further exploration of the Alpha 7190 sector is reliant on whether or not we recognise their claims to the territory, and if so, an exploration treaty negotiated.
RECOGNITION Captain Boris was vital in diplomatically bringing the UPF ships to the negotiating table. Her ability to not only command her vessel, but also to operate in a wider task force with no prior experience in doing so, was vital to the success of this mission. Her ability enabled the U.S.S. Endeavour and the U.S.S. Zenobia to present a united front against the UPF, flawlessly supporting each other to ensure the success of the mission.

Captain Boris’ contribution cannot be understated; the peaceful resolution of the mission, with no loss of life, rests solely on her shoulders.

OOC This is the AAR for the Gemini event Thirteen over Fourteen. Huge thanks to @siskofan1991 for attending, even if the end negotiations were slightly railroaded because of time constraints. The title referred to the two General Orders that were in conflict during the episode.

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