Thirteen over Fourteen

To: CAPT Bahieh, K (@Bahieh); CAPT Boris, C (@siskofan1991); CAPT MacLeod, J (@LordKilous)
CC: CAPT Mirazuni, A
From: RDML Bishop, S
Subj: Joint Gemini Operations


Captain Mirazuni has recently reconfigured the U.S.S. Endeavour to play the role of first response medical ship. This has meant a number of crew changes and I would like to give her the opportunity to evaluate her ship’s performance. As the U.S.S. DunVegan, U.S.S Invictus, and the U.S.S. Zenobia are in close proximity, it would be good for you to all link up for tactical and strategic testing. By nature of Gemini’s role, your ships would not normally work together, so this will provide a good opportunity for you to know your fellow Commanding Officers and ships.

Captain Mirazuni will brief you upon your arrival to the U.S.S. Endeavour’s coordinates.

I look forward to seeing how some of the 38th’s largest and most impressive vessels fare.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’

Shift Time:Gamma

Audience: CLOSED

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Sector space for bridge invites, but then we will most likely be using K13 space.

OOC: Important! Each captain will be using their own ship ICly so make sure you have your in game ship the same as your IC ship. Also, smile for screenshots!

Also, if possible, have your ship dossier ready as I will be consulting this for ship stats. If you don’t have a dossier available, I will be using the standard loadouts for your ship’s class to keep things fair.