United Planetary Federation

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The United Planetary Federation (UPF) is a federation of planets located primarily in the Alpha 7190 Sector of the Alpha Quadrant. Their seat of power is in the Tepim System. They control a region of approximately 34 systems, though they claim the entire sector to be theirs.




Not much is known about the history of the UPF. It has been postulated that the name of the group was chosen to directly conflict with the name of the United Federation of Planets.




The UPF is known to be diplomatically hostile to the Federation, though open conflict has been avoided thus far. At present, the Federation does not recognise the claims of the UPF to the entirety of the Alpha 7190 Sector.

The UPF is not known to have any relations with any other factions.


The UPF is warp-capable. The technology levels are comparable to the Federation towards the end of the 24th Century. They are not known to have cloaking technology.

Encounters with the 38th Fleet

The UPF has had a number of contacts with members of the 38th Fleet. Captain Mirazuni Ayesha of the U.S.S. Endeavour has been tasked with establishing diplomatic communications.


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