AAR: NGC K-5686 Incident

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CAPT Ceefax, J.

After Action Report

LOCATION NGC K-5686 Nebula, Alpha 7190 Sector

MISSION : Perform a scientific survey of Nebula NGC K-5686


  • Nebula Surveyed.
  • Unknown Spacefaring Species encountered.
  • Encounter with United Planetary Federation


  • CAPT Ceefax, J.
  • LT. Reyes, M.

After rendezvousing with Lt. Reyes, the Lauda proceeded to the NGC K-5686 nebula, where we began a survey of the nebula. Shortly after beginning our survey, we encountered five unidentified entities, similar to those previously encountered by the USS Invictus. We moved closer to investigate them and had begun scanning them, when a small craft dropped out of warp, and almost immediately opened fire on the nearest entity.

An initial communication revealed that the crew were uncooperative, arrogant and believed the entities to be robotic drones, with a cargo of minerals that appeared to be their primary interest. As such, I detained them on suspicion of piracy, or poaching if the entities turned out to, in fact, be sapient. They attempted to escape, resulting in their craft being disabled shortly after they evaded a tractor beam. During this conversation, it was discovered that they were citizens of the United Planetary Federation. The ‘wounded’ entity was bought aboard the Lauda for treatment.

Prior to them being bought aboard, they transmitted a distress signal. While I was meeting with them to discuss the situation and encourage them to cooperate, a force of seven UPF ships dropped out of warp and surrounded the Lauda. I returned to the bridge, and discussed the various issues with an individual who identified himself as Captain Okkon.

Okkon indicated that the two I’d detained were government contractors, who were employed to deal with a pest known as ‘Imnon’. A short exchange of information revealed that ‘Imnon’ is the UPF name for the previously un-named species encountered by the Invictus. After discussing the matter at hand with 38th Command, it was agreed that I would release the two detained UPF citizens to their countrymen, and both sides would proceed about their business.

Sadly, the best efforts of the Lauda’s medical and engineering staff were unable to save the injured entity. Lt. Reyes assisted with the autopsy, in an attempt to learn more about the creature, and investigate for potential evidence regarding whether or not it is sapient.


  • Further surveying of sector
  • Issue of wormhole localisation equipment to all vessels operating in the Kelterre and Alpha 7190 Sectors
  • Attempt to normalise diplomatic and scientific relations with the UPF, even if they are jerks.


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