AAR: Too Many Cooks

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

After Action Report

LOCATION Bodai System, Alpha 7190 Sector

MISSION Response to a ship in distress.

OUTCOME Contact with a group calling themselves the “United Planetary Federation”. Covert assistance rendered to the vessel in distress after an unfriendly response from the UPF vessel.


  • CAPT Mirazuni, A
  • CMDR Samaras, A
  • CMDR Jera
  • LT Blake, K
  • ENS Mitsuki, R
  • ENS Miyawaki, S
  • ENS Tonorr, M

  • CPT Varerus, E

BACKGROUND After a number of weeks back at base for resupply and the change of command, the U.S.S. Endeavour resumed her exploration duties. Enroute to survey the Gorga System in the Alpha 7190 Sector, we received a distress call from a ship that had run out of fuel and was in a depreciating orbit. We changed course to render aid.

NARRATIVE Upon arrival at the Bodai System, we noticed another vessel warping in, of unknown configuration. They were not outwardly hostile to us and both of us moved towards the ship in distress. The other ship then came to a stop and hailed us, demanding to know who we were and ordered us to leave their space.

During this encounter, the bridge crew quickly scanned and found a solution to the issues of the distressed vessel.

We notified the hailing vessel that we did not know that we were trespassing in claimed space and were only responding to a distress call. We managed to obtain information that the vessel belonged to a group calling themselves the United Planetary Federation. The UPF vessel told us to leave and that they would render assistance to the distressed vessel. However, it was apparent that the UPF vessel had no means of assisting the distressed vessel, which was later confirmed by a subsequent hail.

The U.S.S. Endeavour then began stalling operations in order to distract the UPF vessel, firstly by creating sensor ghosts and then covertly dislodging nearby rocks with the tractor beam in order to simulate an environmental danger. The U.S.S. Endeavour then proceeded to destroy the rocks and “save” the UPF vessel.

Whilst this occurred, an away team lead by Commander Jera beamed over to the distressed vessel and assisted in their repairs, providing the necessary fuel needed for the distressed vessel to restart and escape orbit.

Our “heroic” actions enabled the UPF vessel to trust us to help them and it was decided that a tractor beam from both vessels could help to pull the distressed vessel out of orbit. By this point, Commander Jera’s team managed to restart the distressed vessel’s engines. We faked a tractor failure and beamed the away team back to the ship, allowing the UPF vessel to assume that it was them who rescued the distressed ship all along. After the rescue, the formally distressed vessel thanked us and resumed its course, whilst the UPF vessel became hostile again and demanded we leave.

With the vessel saved, there was no need for us to be in the system and the ship resumed her previous mission.

RECOMMENDATION There are apparently claims to some areas of the Alpha 7190 sector, by this “United Planetary Federation”, which include planets such as the previously encountered Nelara. The UPF are hostile, though not aggressive, to Starfleet vessels. More intelligence is needed on this group.

RECOGNITION Both Ensigns Mitsuki and Miyawaki were exemplary, showing a great ability to adapt quickly to unfamiliar situations. They followed all orders to great effect and the success of this mission is in large part due to their actions. They are to be commended for their efforts.

Commander Jera worked quickly in a highly intense and timed situation. His efforts saved the crew of the distressed vessel.

Lieutenant Blake also deserves special mention in her initiative to gather data which, though not critical to the mission’s success, was nonetheless important in the wider picture which allowed for this officer’s recommendation above.

All other crew performed as expected of Starfleet officers.

OOC This is the AAR for the event Too Many Cooks. Thanks goes to the visiting officers for being yelled at as soon as they stepped onto the bridge. New Captain, New Rules. Event logs available on request.