AAR Rimward Investigation

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CAPT Macleod, James L

On Call Response

LOCATION USS DunVegan, Itrin Station, Itrin Sector

MISSION USS DunVegan and USS Sarpa as part of the Spartacus Task Force was ordered to Itrin Station to investigate the Rimward connection to the slave trade.

OUTCOMETask for Spartacus investigated Rimward Logistics. Mr. Steward, one of the owners of the company, joined us onboard the DunVegan to address our concerns. No solid evidence of Rimward’s direct connection. Evidence was located to support Romulan system intrusion into their system. Reports to follow on system analysis from Cmdr Jera and LtCmd MacGinnis


  • Captain James MacLeod
  • Commander Jera
  • Lt. Commander Quinn MacGinnis
  • Ensign Thyzee
  • Lieutenant Jackson Provenza

NARRATIVE USS Serpa and USS Dunvegan procced to Itrin Station to investigate the involvement of Rimward Logistics in the increased Slavery Trade in the sector. We arrived on the scene and extended an invitation to Rimward leadership to join us on the DunVegan.
Mr. Fenris Steward accepted the invitation and joined us onboard.
Our initial approach was that of friendship and concern for the repeated attacks on their vessels. Mr. Steward appreciated the gesture. He denied any knowledge on why his company has been targeted and provided us with full access to their systems and data. Once in there systems we noticed missing logs and deleted information. Mr. Steward explained that the data had been removed to keep it secret from the vigilante group. While in their systems Jera and MacGinnis encounter Romulan Coded intrusion, while they were able to obtain large amount of encrypted codes, they were not able to locate the source of the hack.
Further questioning of Mr. Steward would eventually prove fruitless. While he recognizes the attacks, they company contracts out a lot of there work and does not have any type of system to monitor the actions of their captains. It is very possible as long as the company is turning a profit Mr Steward will stay deliberately in the dark.
His emotional and mental state did not indicate any acts of deception or illicit behavior. Confirmed by Ensign Thyzee.
After a thorough system and physicals inspection of their flagship as well as a rather lengthy questioning session we ran into several dead ends.
Mr. Steward is willing to partner up with us on a Coventurer to attempt to lure out the vigilante group.

RECOMMENDATION Maintain surveillance of the Rimward company. We also need to cross exam the “Doctor”, his confession does not appear to be complete. We will attempt a new approach to lure out and locate the vigilante group in order to make contact and ascertain the information that they still have over us. Cmdr Jera will follow up with the ro

RECOGNITION Task Force Spartacus would like to extend their deepest appreciation to both Ensgin Thyzee and Lieutenant Jackson Provenza. Their insight and assistance in the question of Fenris Steward was extremely helpful. Both Jera and MacGinnis worked extremely efficiently as they attempted to route out the incursions and shift through endless amounts of data.

OOC Special thanks to our gracious GM @Aev. Thanks for the RP and your patience with us noobs! And thanks to everyone who lurked and burnt down my bridge!

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