AAR: Karma

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CAPT Tungsten, Drake

After Action Report

LOCATION Station Deep Space 13, Conference Room and Fruit Market

MISSION Following a lead from Lt. Cmdr Valore in relation to Task Force Spartacus operations.

OUTCOME Connection between S.S. Dandalo, slave trafficking ship, and produce supply as cover, confirmed.


  • RADML. S. Bishop
  • CAPT. D. Tungsten
  • LTCMDR. S. Valore
  • CPT. G. Valencia

NARRATIVE RADML. Bishop, CAPT. Tungsten, and LTCMDR. Valore met in the conference room to discuss a lead provided to LTCMDR. Valore by a contact of hers on Drozana station. Said lead was that the Romulan vigilantes attacking slaver ships apparently frequent Drozana station, but only ever buy food, despite a typical Warbird being outfitted for hydroponic food production, and surely replicators. They are never picking up the more common supplies a ship would be expected to, namely ship parts and other technology too difficult to replicate, or raw materials for the replicators. Also discussed was these vigilantes’ absolutely uncanny ability to pinpoint which ships are trafficking in slaves, and intercept them in a timely manner. All present agreed on the formidable intelligence resources these vigilantes possess.

The S.S. Dandalo, previously rescued and apprehended by CAPT. A. Nimitz of the U.S.S. Pegasus in a prior mission, was also indicated by LTCMDR. Valore through shipping records to be supplying fruit to a local market on the promenade aboard Starbase Deep Space 13 in addition to trafficking in slaves. LTCMDR. Valore also indicated that the background check on the people running the fruit market came up clean, but CAPT. Tungsten proceeded to check out the market, since it was so close by. Upon arrival, Cpt. Valencia was already browsing the market, and proceeded to engage in an argument with the owners over the quality and price of their produce, as soon as another unnamed Tellarite had just finished doing so himself. CAPT. Tungsten was able to overhear that they are having supply problems with the S.S. Dandalo out of commission, and relying upon inferior suppliers of their produce. CAPT. Tungsten proceeded to speak with them next, and confirmed that they were indeed dealing directly with the crew of the S.S. Dandalo, as the records suggest, and particularly with being forthcoming with this information, they do at least appear to be as unconnected to the slave trade as their background checks suggest. Further thought after the fact does beg the question of how a produce market selling very inferior produce, filled only with very few unsatisfied customers, has managed to stay in business since the capture of the S.S. Dandalo.

RECOMMENDATION Task Force Spartacus absolutely should attempt to gather intelligence on Drozana station regarding the vigilantes, whether themselves, or with the assistance of dedicated intelligence resources. Hopefully, they can be observed making contact with whatever source provides their magnificent intelligence, or perhaps a subspace tracker can be placed on their ship while in port. Answers to their oddly specific procurement would certainly satisfy curiosity, as well as potentially illuminate their methods and motivations.

Prior reports also mention that Rimward Logistics has been sub-contracting their freighters, and may be turning a blind eye, but not necessarily complicit in slave trafficking, as yet to be determined. There was also a willingness signaled to use their ships as bait for the vigilantes. It may be too early to know if that would actually work, given the stellar intelligence resources of these vigilantes, but I believe I would be remiss in not keeping this top-of-mind in my recommendations, having just reviewed earlier reports from the task force.

Lastly, I believe the produce market on the Deep Space 13 promenade should be kept under at least passive observation. I think it is unlikely they are involved with anything but trying to sell food, but I do not yet feel it is impossible. I stress passive observation, however, as I do not yet think they have earned any invasive or obstructive surveillance at this time.

OOC A big thank you to @Valore for being patient with me through this event, and @Sam for capturing a log!