Reflection Rampart: Kilur System Fortification

Equipped with mobile defense platforms, USS Alexander is heading back out to the Kilur System to fortify it and prevent any more Terran Traffic from crossing between the Itrin and Doza sectors.

Shift Time: Projected for Gamma +2 (9pm CST)
See Shift Schedule and Weekly Meetups for details.

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Gameplay

Starting Point: Colony World for Bridge Invites.

Will be hosting an In game run of the Delta Quadrant Patrol Mission: Satellite Defence as a stand in for fortifying the system. (Just substitute the Vaadwaur for Terrans in your mind, and the Talaxians as Civilians.) Up to 5 people can join this mission. To make things fair, any Terran Characters who wish to ‘oppose’ this are also welcome to join the group, but sit at the edge of the patrol map and not help. (Your addition in the group will increase the amount of enemy NPC’s we have to face, and with you not aiding, will make it more difficult for us.)