10 Jun: A Webb of emotion

After many delays and considerable resistance from her doctor, the Federation starship USS Orpheus will finally be delivering Julia Webb - a troubled, extensively-implanted former Borg heavy tactical drone, who was assimilated at the age of 14 and liberated by Starfleet during a mission in the Delta Quadrant almost two years ago - into Deep Space 13’s care.

Starfleet Medical has ordered the transfer against the advice of Doctor Nasir Zaman, USS Orpheus’ Chief Medical Officer and Ms Webb’s primary caregiver since liberation. Dr Zaman insists that the patient feels at home on his ship, that she will not go willingly, and that she may even become violent if forced to leave. Starfleet Medical, on the other hand, insists that Julia Webb’s progress is being stifled by the limitations of a starship’s medical staff, and is concerned about some initial interview recordings they have seen.

When she beams aboard the station, who will be right? And can the prodigious medical department of DS13 succeed where Orpheus’ medical staff have failed?

Shift Time: Beta

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Free-form

Starting Point: Transporter Room, Deep Space 13

OOC @Calyx and @kermit, I thought I’d set something up formally rather than trying to ‘wing it’ as before. If either of you can’t attend on this date/time, I can adjust the time to something you can both do! I’m reasonably flexible, though Gamma is generally beyond my ability to stay awake!
Anybody else is welcome to come too, though!