11 Feb: Consignation II

Two months ago, on a freighter salvage and reconnaissance mission, the clone of the Vorta geneticist and criminal Keth 6 was found and apprehended. This individual, later identified as Yorktown Keth, escaped from custody during a systems malfunction aboard the USS Yorktown. After recapture, and a period of holding in DS13's brig, Yorktown Keth requested a trial, but before such a hearing could happen it was necessary to determine if Yorktown Keth and Keth 6 were different people. Analysis of her DNA did indeed confirmed that she was a different individual than Keth 6. Before the trial could occur, however, the Dominion requested that the individual be extradited. Now, the 38th Fleet will go through the Bajoran Wormhole once more and deliver their prisoner to the Dominion.


When: Saturday, 11 February @ beta

Where: DS9/Ship Bridge

What: Prisoner transfer to the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant

OOC Point of Contact: @osi#6269|@dienonychus


This event will start off on DS9 with a briefing on the situation, and will follow with a trip to the Gamma Quadrant where Keth will be handed over to the Dominion. This event is open to Starfleet characters only.