14 Jul: Pojaik

Following the diplomatic resolution of an unusually hostile confrontation between Starfleet and the RRF, Subadmiral Pojaik was publicly reported to have resigned. This has led to the general assumption that he was to blame for the incident, but not everyone is convinced – including Admiral Tokkra and Wing Commander Miral.

Contrary to the public story that he’s slipped into a quiet retirement on New Romulus, the Subadmiral has actually disappeared, and the truth behind the odd confrontation at Anides seems to have disappeared with him. The JSI unit attached to the 38th Fleet has been tasked with tracking down Pojaik and getting some answers.

Shift Time: beta+2

Audience: SEMI-OPEN Republic characters only. I will allow exchange officers from the Republic to Starfleet (eg. Republic Officers currently serving on DS13/Starfleet ships may attend), but NOT the reverse (eg. Starfleet Officers serving on Romulan ships may not).

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Sector space for bridge invites