14 June - 21: Risa Summer 2015

Argo Summer Social 2015.


When: June 14th - June 21st
14 June @ lambda: bridge RP, travel to Risa time
19 June @ alpha: competitive activity
20 June @ gamma: competitive activity
21 June @ lambda: bridge RP, returning from Risa travel time

Where: ... Risa. And someone's bridge for some of it.

What: Primarily unguided social/casual RP throughout but there will be one or two light events per day on alpha/gamma respectively.

OOC point of contact: @evenrue


Please feel free to answer poll to help a tiny bit with planning.

Actual dates still to be determined, since right now both dates are totally tied!

Spoiler: Powerboard Racing EventShow
Powerboard Race

  • STANDARD POWERBOARDS ONLY (50 favor cost).
  • We will be using the actual in-game PvP race course.
  • First racer to reach the finish line and open a trade window with Katriel will be declared winner.
  • Prize of 999 favors to the winning racer

Powerboard Race Betting

  • Players are ICly permitted to bet favors on who will be the winning racer for a chance to double their wager.
  • You must pay the bank (Katriel) in the number of favors when bets are being taken. If your selected racer wins, she will return to you double the amount.
  • Katriel is only accepting bets of up to 250 favors max (so a return of 500 favors if you guessed correctly).

Spoiler: Floater Relay RaceShow

Spoiler: Relay CourseShow

  • STANDARD FLOATERS ONLY (50 favor cost).
  • Teams of 3. You will actually be teamed up and players will be distributed at nodes 1, 2, and 3 as seen on the course map.
  • First racer in each team will be traded a baton item. You must actually pass this baton item on to the next person at each point.
  • Final racer must return to point 1 and open a trade with Katriel to be declared winner.
  • Prize of 500 favors to each racer on the winning team (1500 total).
All the events listed here are at times when I will not be home, either because I'll be at work, or with family. I'll be around for the casual stuff though, I'm sure.
Ill be there for all the gamma stuff. Perhaps i can even manage the lambda events.
Second post has been updated with information on upcoming 'formal' activities. We've also added Risa-special available assignments for the workaholics in the group, feel free to knock them out!
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Powerboard Racing Results

Congratulations to PERIM for winning the powerboard race and winning the 999 prize pot.
Perim received an additional 250 favors for wagering on herself. :p

T'irin wagered on Perim for 100.
Shan wagered (in absentia) on Perim for 10.

Spoiler: The racers lining upShow
Wasn't able to do a floater relay race this year, maybe next time! But here're the results of the impromptu photo op. Thanks, guys, for your patience... and for all the RP involved with this particular week-long event. :)

Spoiler: Show



Full set here (use numbers to navigate): http://imgur.com/DO21drR,h0xNQqq,puWibuT,5Gu5qBf,jH70nX0,lUe7tYJ,qT3Kuo2
I took pictures also! Three of em'!