15 - 28 Jul: Argo Summer Social

Argo Summer Social ((2022)). The Asimov will be carting a rotation of officers to Risa for this summer’s shore leave. Come for sun, fun, and unscheduled PADD checks.

When/Schedule: 15 - 28 July. Hosted events throughout.

  • Fri 15 Jul @ beta: bridge RP, travel to Risa time (social; no designated host)

  • Tue 19 Jul @ gamma +2: Argo Film Club (social; GM @Katriel)

  • Fri 22 Jul @ gamma +2: Lost Bottle Cove (free form + structured; GM @Katriel)

  • Sun 24 Jul @ beta +2: Beach clambake and party (social; GM @Katriel)

  • Wed 27 Jul @ gamma +1: Music and Karaoke night sendoff (social; GM @Valore )

  • Thu 28 Jul @ delta: last night on Risa (social; no designated host) Officers can expect to be back on station by beta next day.

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Varies, but primarily social

OOC Specific event schedule may be subject to change. If you’re interested in hosting a summer event, let OOC Staff know and we’ll edit it in!

Scene setting aids for clambake


  • Raffle Entry: An attendant is hanging out there, offering a numbered ticket to each person who asks for one. Raffle tickets will be drawn later in the evening for prizes. Only one ticket per person! (If you enter the raffle, please /tell Katriel any random 5 digit number of your choosing.)

  • Buffet! Buffet! Buffet! Buffet!: Most of the selection available from these platters are land-based meats, grains, fruits, pastas, salads, etc.

  • Drinks, Dessert Buffet!: self-explanatory

  • Clambake Pit: The cooking pit here is quite enormous and steaming from the heat, so be careful when you’re grabbing things to add to your plate! (Tongs available.) The majority of offerings here are seafood-based and it’s not just clams, but also shellfish and fish alike. But there are plenty of starches and veggies to round out the flavors while cooking. (A rough guide of what the layering of the clambake pit might look like can be found here.)

  • Incan Gold: a table set up for the mini-Indiana Jones-simulator game. (Katriel needed to host. Suggest at least 6 interested players.)