16 Oct: Fall Awards Ceremony

You are cordially invited to The 38th Fleet's Fall Awards Ceremony. On Stardate 92790, at the start of Beta Shift, the Admiralty will be presenting awards and promotions to Argo personnel, based on their service and accomplishments within the last half year.


When: Sunday 16 October @ beta shift

Where: DS13

What: Presentation of Awards and Promotions. Fleet dress uniform is required for this event. Romulan Republic and civilian characters, please wear something appropriately classy.

OOC point of contact: Any Admin


OOC, from the Announcement Post:
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38th Fleet Argo Members,

We will be conducting the Fall 2016 Award Ceremony on 16 October at BETA.

Awards will be for in-character actions of players and presented in an in-character event.

The location is still to-be-determined, but it will be somewhere on one of our fleet maps. We will also be doing IC promotions at this event. If you would like to talk to the admins about having your character promoted, please send us an enjin mail so we can discuss it.

We are also looking for nominations for awards. Though we will compile our own list based on AARs and reports that have been filed, we are also accepting nominations from the playerbase, so if your character or other peoples' characters went through in character experiences that might qualify them for an award, please feel free to nominate them by sending an enjin mail to the admin staff stating who and why you think the deserve it. We are looking for IC actions, but they don't have to be specific missions. They can be general observations of service for a member. It's not always about the Iconian attack. If you need ideas of what types of actions might net an award for a character, check out the guide post here.

Lastly, we will be open for doing IC promotions of characters during the ceremony.

If you have already been talking to the admins about your characters promotion, please touch base with us again so we can make sure we're all on the same page. If you are interested but haven't said anything yet, contact an admin for details.

Obviously not everyone will be able to attend the ceremony, but that doesn't mean your character didn't get an award. We will be posting a list of characters that received awards to the forums following the ceremony.

I look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions about this event, awards or character promotions, please contact the admin team.

ARGO Admin Team
Bump. This is tomorrow. Don't forget to set up your dress uniforms!
Bump. This is tomorrow. Don't forget to set up your dress uniforms!
Might be able to come to this, but seriously doubting it.
I think I'll be able to make it if I get my chores out of the way early. Just gotta decide who to bring.