26-OCT-13: Kebrell Unravelling

An automated distress signal from somewhere in the vicinity of Orellius has ships from Task Force Argo scrambling to investigate.


When: Sat, OCT 26th @ Gamma (4pm EST)

Where: The very beginning of the event will (I think) mostly be played out over comms. If your character has business in Ops on starbase, you can choose to also hang out there instead. But in any case, the action will move out into space fairly quickly (5-10m in).

What: Short briefing, foundry (scaling, no participation limit), and maybe a debrief

Primary OOC Contact: @evenrue


89796.4 Federation News Service: An Inside Look at Kebrell

I reserve the right to reveal more details as the date comes closer. :roll:
This is going to be boss, everyone. Try to be there!

::crawls under a rock and cries::
Uh. I mean.

This is going to suck, gaiz. Don't even bother showing. Like you'll be on time anyway.
TOMORROW! Make sure to peak around the site for some stories and a little cherry syrup on this.

Maybe THIS is worth reading? :roll:
This event is damn exciting....DAMN exciting. Especially since i'm gonna try to be there. OKAY?! Okay.
o rly!?
6 hours folks. I'll see you there!
Thank you all for coming out to this and making it work. :) Hope you all had fun.

If anyone wants to run the missions who did not get to or you want to try the 'other' path, the two mission names are: "The Kebrell Unravelling" (main mission) and "Shortfin mako shark". Will be leaving these up indefinitely.

OOCly, I will just note that the colonial administrator gets an additional dialogue option if you speak to him after you find the Suestado and the mercenary has additional dialogue if you talk to her on your way back to the beam-in point.

Also, brownie points to Gretchen who actually figured out the decryption puzzle alllll by himself... :cool: ... and to Dae for herding all us rambunctious and intractable kitties.