27 Dec Romulans Dissect Junayd Vessel

The 38th Fleet Romulan Detachment has been tasked with finding a way to contact the Junayd. Towards that end, they will be dissecting the Junayd vessel brought back from the Junkyard.


When: Thursday, 27 DEC 2018, Beta Shift

Audience: Semi-Open -- Only members of the Romulan Detachment, no Federation characters please. Romulans -- that includes Warbird CO's and crew.

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Admiral's office on K-7 then we'll move to a bridge setting for the dissection.

OOC point of contact: @universal_blue; @bobisgod171


OOC: The goal is to find a way to contact the Junayd, but if we find cool technology and other information to snatch, well... Romulans will be Romulans.
Guess it worked better for most others. I will be visiting home that week and not able to get in game. So enjoy the mission everyone!
Was gonna check the poll when I got home from family Christmas but now it is too late!

I'll try to make it, it's possible a doctors appointment might interfere. We'll see!
This is today!
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