29 Apr: Back to Terix

To investigate recent claims that the United Terix Republic may be supplying sensitive Romulan military technology to terrorist organizations, a covert recon team is being sent to Terix II. To avoid compromising its current efforts to find a diplomatic solution, the Federation will take no part in this mission.


GM / OOC Contact: @dienonychus

IC Location: Terix II

OOC Requirements: 29 April @ gamma+1 - Republic chracters only

OOC Notes: More information on the Terix plot can be found here: link.
Interested in this too!

Edit: scratch that, somehow missed Republic only. >.>
*cracks knuckles* I should be able to make this, Pokemon SHOULD be done by then. Les' deal with 'em...
I can loan a character for this as well.
I would be interested as well.
Friendly reminder, this assignment is for REPUBLIC characters only.
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Subcommander Maiell will gladly spy on these filthy, disgusting colonists. If evidence of collaboration with terrorist organizations is not found, it shall be manufactured in typical Romulan fashion.
Spy on all the things.

This is today!
I would totally be there if I played a Republic character--so if you do play a Republic character, you should go!
I do not have a Republic character. :/
I have a Republic character, but as they haven't been added to the fleet I probably can't make it
Can't wait! Thue's dying to be sneaksy.
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Psst...guys, don't want to spoil anything but there will be another Terix event soon for Starfleet. So don't worry about missing out because you don't have a Rom!