29th Oct | Diplomatic Forum

A miracle has allowed for the representatives of Houses Sorzal, D’Ewos, and Mar’Voga to visit DS13 for a diplomatic meeting. A number of other houses and factions have also expressed interest in attending this event. This is a historic event, and this chance to sit down with so many houses may not come around again…

Shift Time: Gamma

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Social

Starting Point: Fleet Research Lab Meeting Room

This will be an open-ended diplomatic event. All are welcome to come. If you wish to be the lead negotiator, please let me know below (we can have a group of people, we don’t just need one person). The deadline for this is Sunday 24th October, as I would like the people leading this to speak with Sam beforehand.

Alternatively, if you would like a faction involved in the KCW to take part (other houses are also welcome), please let me know too!

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Forum Agenda!

Dress Uniform is required.