AAR: Diplomatic Forum

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CPO Wiggum (NPC)

After Action Report


MISSION Provide security for diplomatic forum.

OUTCOME Diplomatic forum canceled due to non-attendance and visitor violence. One representative killed. Two KDF officers subdued and taken into custody.


  • CAPT Nimitz, A.
  • LCDR Valore
  • ENS Thyzee
  • CPT Valencia, MACO
  • DS13 Security Teams 5, 19, 21 (NPC)

  • BGEN Tre’gok, KDF (NPC)
  • CAPT Cynis, KDF
  • CAPT Thok, KDF (NPC)
  • CAPT Stuvargh, KDF (NPC)

  • Ambassador Perim, FDC
  • Liquidator Juark, FCA (NPC)
  • Representative Gok, True Gorn Hegemony (NPC)

NARRATIVE DS13 Security teams were placed under the command of MACO CPT Valencia and ordered to provide event security for a diplomatic forum, which invited various interested parties to meet and discuss the Klingon Civil War in neutral ground - our station.

Delegations began to arrive shortly after the start of Gamma Shift. They passed the usual entrance checkpoints and were funneled to a foyer that had been prepared with refreshments. They were directed to wait there until the start of the meeting. Ambassador Perim and Security Team 19 were in the meeting room and therefore not present for the events that followed in the foyer.

The socialization in the foyer was typical of Klingon diplomatic functions. Boasting, insults, and the occasional threat of generalized violence were prevalent, along with miscellaneous conversation. Two delegates in particular, General Tre’gok and Captain Stuvargh, seemed intent on fighting with each other – at least until provided a common enemy in Captain Nimitz. Despite the hostility in the room, things remained generally calm and peaceful at first and likely would have remained that way had the evening proceeded as planned and without delay.

Unfortunately that was not the case. Representatives expected from Houses Sorzal and Mar’voga failed to arrive, and word soon arrived that House Mar’Voga had invaded a disputed colony world. At this point the delegates attempted to leave. Complicating matters, Representative Gok of the True Gorn Hegemony blocked the exit and declared that they Klingons would not be allowed to leave until they had answered for their crimes. From the context, I believe he referred to the Empire’s prior treatment of the Gorn in general, rather than any specific recent event.

General Tre’gok and Captain Stuvargh objected to their way being blocked and proceeded to assault the Gorn. Gok suffered severe injuries alarmingly quickly and was pronounced dead on the scene shortly after Tre’gok and Stuvargh were subdued by phaser fire. The assaulting Klingons were taken into custody and transferred to the brig.

The remaining delegates departed without incident.

RECOMMENDATION Stop putting MACOs in charge of security. It isn’t their job.

OOC AAR for Diplomatic Forum event. Thanks Sam for hosting!