30th Oct - Ignis Fatuus

The U.S.S. Endeavour drops in on a small Federation science station whilst on patrol…

Shift Time: Gamma

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: K-13

Optional background reading

Federation Science Outpost 323

Location: Caeplu System, Doza Sector

Placed in 2406, FSO 323 is a small modular outpost for Federation scientists to conduct experiments and sellar studies. The outpost can hold a maximum of six occupants at any one time, though there only tend to be four researchers each cycle. A cycle normally consists between six to twelve weeks. Longer cycles are discouraged due to the small nature of the outpost, but these do happen on occasion. The station is Federation owned but it can be let out to private use if the research project is approved.

The station consists of three living quarters (double bed quarters), a living area, a small holodeck for both research and recreational use, and three labs. All the labs are modular and can be swapped around depending on the ongoing research. The replicator can produce the necessary items for living. Much of the station relies on monthly visits from Starfleet or civilian ships for resupplies.

The current occupants are Professor Vrif Hosin, Dr Venus Po, Dr V’Tela, Dr Yemzii. They are currently researching the effects of minerals exposed to solar radiation. They arrived on the station on Stardate 96816.2 (25th October), for a four week period.

Professor Vrif Hosin - A Bolian male with decades of experience in solar studies. He is well published and well known amongst scientific circles. He is on a year long sabbatical from his post as Professor at the University of Alpha Centauri to investigate what he calls “the rad-space” a theory that there is another level of space, like subspace.

Dr Venus Po - A human female who is a senior lecturer at the California Institute of Technology. She has had a number of publications alongside Professor Hosin. She specialises in materials theory.

Dr V’Tela is a Vulcan male who is a research associate at the Vulcan Science Academy. He specilises in astrophysics.

Dr Yemzii is a Saurian male is a teaching associate at the University of Alpha Centauri. His PhD advisor was Professor Hosin, and specialises in stellar radioactivity.

An Endeavour event. All welcome, no other ships allowed.

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