AAR: Ignis Fatuus

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CAPT Bishop, S

After Action Report

LOCATIONFederation Science Outpost 323, Caeplu System, Doza Sector.

MISSION Routine Check Up on FS0 323.

OUTCOME Station crew found dead; their experiment infringed on a subspace race called the Vied. Vied helped return to their own space.


  • CAPT S. Bishop
  • CAPT A. Nimitz
  • LT S. Valore
  • LTJG T. Shinwa

BACKGROUND Having received word that the Federation Science Outpost 323 had not replied to communications attempts, the *U.S.S. Endeavour* was sent to investigate.

NARRATIVE Upon arrival, it was identified that there were no lifesigns on the outpost. An away team was sent to investigate. The base had a number of power fluctuations, which Lieutenant Shinwa quickly identified as something external interfering with the systems. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Valore and Captain Nimitz began to uncover what had happened to the crew of the station, using the logs (attached below), and the bodies.

It transpires that as the crew were conducting their experiments, they created some sort of portal into subspace, by which a number of ethereal beings transversed. These beings, needing to feed upon energy, began to “haunt” the crew, eventually killing them by absorbing their energy.

After this was identified, the team moved to the science lab where the portal was reopened and the beings sent back home.

RECOMMENDATION It seems as though the research the station was carrying out is safe for replication; the Vied only inhabit the area around the Caeplu System; this area should be avoided. The remains of the crew should be returned to their families.

RECOGNITION All members of the crew performed as expected.


OOC This is the AAR for the event Ignis Fatuus. Event logs available upon request. Special shout out to @Valore who had to read all the logs real time and provide RP responses.