4 Nov: Layover / 5 Nov: Consignation

Two weeks ago, the USS Asimov recovered a number of stasis pods from a suspected True Way moon base. The hundred pods contained 97 Jem'Hadar and 3 Vorta. After being returned to DS13, the pods were secured while awaiting transit.

In cooperation with the 7th Fleet out of DS9, 38th Command has arranged to return the pods to the Dominion. The USS Asimov will travel to DS9, carrying the stasis pods and with a sizable escort force, to arrive on Friday at Gamma Shift. Once at DS9, the stasis pods will be transferred to the USS Fletcher.

The following day at Beta Shift, Fletcher will depart DS9 carrying the stasis pods and a team from the 38th. It will travel through the wormhole to pre-arranged coordinates in the Idran System, to meet with a single counterpart vessel from the Dominion.


When:   Friday, 4 Nov: Layover @ gamma
Saturday, 5 Nov: Consignation @ beta

Where:  Deep Space 9
DS9/Ship Bridge

What:    Mission prep, then casual RP on DS9
Prisoner transfer in the Gamma Quadrant

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171


Friday/Layover will be a casual and open-ended event, giving players an opportunity to RP with DS9 as a setting. There will be a few light duty-related tasks for people to do around the station, and anyone is welcome to say that their character was on one of the escort ships as an excuse to hang around Quark's for a bit.

Saturday/Consignation will be the 'actual' GMed event, where you'll get to go meet the Dominion, practice some diplomacy, and transfer the stasis pods. Consignation is open to Starfleet characters only.

You do NOT need to attend one event to be welcome at the other. Show up for one, for the other, for both, all fine.
I am going to make every effort to be present for this. Things are finally starting to calm down at home as we adjust to the new family member, so I should be increasingly available going forward. :)
If you need a dominion bridge, or ship, I can try to be available.
Consignation is in a half hour!
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