5 May: No Man's Land

The USS Saratoga has been assigned to survey the Potter's Field Anomaly in the Kelterre Sector. The last major survey mission was nearly a year ago and, though some discoveries have been made since, there is still a great deal we do not know. Additionally, there have been reports of pirate activity in the area, possibly taking advantage of the anomaly's effects. Saratoga will be taking on a team of mission specialists to assist with the survey.


When: Friday, May 4th @ gamma shift Saturday, May 5th @ gamma shift

Audience:  SEMI-OPEN 

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Ship Bridge

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171


As this event will be taking place on a single ship, I won't be taking other Captains along. Any other officers with an interest in exploring the anomaly are welcome to attend as mission specialists. There'll be primary roles for scientists, engineers, and pilots, though you don't specifically need to have a character in those fields to attend. Estimating 2.5 hours for the event.
Rescheduling this for tomorrow, May 5th @ gamma, hoping a few more people can attend!