5 Nov: Aftermath

The Terran invasion of the Prime Universe has continued throughout the week. Contrary to initial expectations, the Terrans did not proceed towards Federation space, but rather moved deeper into the Itrin Sector. This development has left their initial incursion point, the Itrin System, relatively vulnerable. A 38th Fleet task force is being assembled to liberate the Itrin System and render aid to any survivors.

Shift Time: beta

Audience:  SEMI-OPEN  for PRIME UNIVERSE characters controlling starships.

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: TBA.

This event will use the SHIP Captain space combat system in addition to GMed RP.


Update: The initial (combat) portion of this event will be held on discord. The channel is available to join from #lobby-ooc.

I expect the combat portion to last ~2 hours. We’ll load up a bridge in-game after that for another 20-30(ish) minutes! The in-game portion will be open to ANY Starfleet/allied characters, even if you did not participate in the combat.