AAR: Aftermath

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CAPT Mirazuni, A

LOCATION Itrin System, Itrin Sector

MISSION Engage Terran forces at Itrin.

OUTCOME Federation victory


  • CAPT Tungsten, D.
  • CAPT Holmes, A.
  • CAPT Mirazuni, A.
  • CAPT Nimitz, A.
  • CMDR Tyrstoc
  • CAPT sh’Sonora, M. (post battle)
  • CAPT Nimitz, T. (post battle)
  • LCDR Brannigan, Z.

  • BGEN Cynis, S.
  • CDR Mandukar, D.

NARRATIVE The Federation and Allied fleet, led by CAPT Tungsten warped into the Itrin System, where a Terran fleet consisting of one Lexington class, one Galaxy class, one Venture class, one Luna class, one Pathfinder class, one Shran class, one Reliant class, and one Akira class. The battle started poorly for us, as our attacks and defence were both uncoordinated. We were perhaps saved by the xenophobia of the Terrans who targeted our allies first, above other targets. As the Terrans began to diversify their targets, we were able to coordinate and provide an effective response.

All Terran ships with the exception of the Luna, the Pathfinder, and the Galaxy, were destroyed. There were no Federation or Allied losses.

Following the battle, survivors were rescued.

RECOMMENDATION Consolidate our position. Repair fleet. Coordinate our task forces better.


OOC This is the AAR for the event Aftermath.