5th company


Military Assault Command Operations
1st Batallion, 2nd Regiment, E-Company
( a.k.a. "Zalas Zappers" or "5th Company" )
Semper Invictus

Commanding Officer: Colonel Aunrol "Kaboom" Zala
Second in command: Lieutenant Colonel Nilsa R'shee

1st platoon ( "the breachmakers" )
CO: Major Krupa

2nd Platoon ( "the phantoms" )
CO: Captain Oslia Jured

3rd Platoon
CO: Captain Kiana Carson (a.k.a. "Five of Five" )

4th Platoon
CO: First Lieutenant Lodoz

5th Platoon
CO: First Lieutenant Robert Harris
( stationed on the USS Damocles )

Each platoon is made up of five squads composed of ten soldiers led by a seargeant.

The 2nd Regiment, 1st Batallion, E Company existed since the foundation of the MACO's in the 21nd century as a part of earth starfleet. It is one of the few companys that was not absorbed into federation starfleet to form starfleet security after the foundation of the united federation of planets. Instead it was attatched to the federation marine corps until the first federation klingon war in 2194 where it was reformed to again give starfleet a special forces division.

Since its reforming the E-Company participated in every war or military operation starfleet ever was involved in.
( Its is rumored that the company carried out several deniable operations in its existance. These rumors have neither been denied nor verified by starfleet. )

The current company under Colonel Zala is specialized in assymetric warfare and longtime operations behind enemy lines. Its members recieve a intensive training to "Storm every beach on every planet!".

Notable about the current company is the first platoon, "the breachmakers", that is specialized in assault operations. The first platoon is also made up to at least 80% of klingon personnel.
Also notable is the second platoon, "the phantoms", this platoon is completly made up of soldiers who recieved special training in stealth operations. Members of this platoon are also equipped with personal cloaking devices.

Currently the company is assinged to the eclipse intel cruiser U.S.S. Gungnir ( NCC-93504 ) as a troop transport for covert insertion in hostile territory.

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As of stardate 91296.9 the 1st Batallion, 2nd Regiment, E-Company was assigned with a additional platoon.

The 5th platoon under command of First Lieutenant Robert Harris serves as the companies rapid deployment force onboard of the USS Damocles.
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Following the MACO demobilization order from stardate 92294, the fifth maco company, second regiment, first btallion has been officially disbanded.

Colonel Aunrol Zala relays her thanks to all the soldiers who served under her command in that time. It was a honor.

Semper Invictus.