92834.1 To: CAPT Quint <SUBJ: Mission Directives>

CC CAPT Varley, RDML Perim
SUBJ Paladin mission directives

:: Shared Secret Level 6 Encryption Active ::

Good morning, Captain.

I wish we were meeting under better circumstances, but such is increasingly rare these days, it seems. We will have much to discuss upon your return, I am sure.

For now, as you have so willingly volunteered to deprive me of my selection for this reconnaissance, here are your mission parameters.


1. Your safety and the safety of the Paladin is of the utmost priority. Do not risk heroics for this non-affiliated planet. I understand that they are innocents and bystanders and victims in all senses of the terms, but it would be FOOLISH for us to expend ourselves excessively if they cannot be saved, as right now we have been made to believe.

2. Recon the afflicted planet, especially its atmospherics, and the surrounding situation. I know the Paladin is not a science vessel, but I want so many sensor scans that even Jal'Shan would need six years before he can read them all.

Keeping a low profile from the surface inhabitants is preferred, but not mandatory. You may prioritize obtaining lifeform samples for Doctor Pohl through whatever means necessary, the Prime Directive no longer applies to this situation. If that includes abducting civilians from the surface of the planet because scans are insufficient, then so be it.

3. If you are not able to obtain samples, then priority is on intelligence on Keth 6 and her forces. She is no longer a threat we can passively ignore, with a crime of this severity. If you deem the situation tactically feasible, you have full authority to engage and neutralize any and all hostile assets affiliated with Keth 6, including Keth 6 herself.

4. Do not get drawn into negotiations with Keth 6. She does not represent the Dominion nor any affiliation in which we have official relations. She has no bargaining power and her modus operandi is to hold innocent groups hostage to get her way. I think you can agree, Captain, that this is not a stance we can respect.


We will be mobilizing partially here in case you update us with a situation report that allows for reinforcements, either of a military or scientific/medical nature.

Again, DO NOT RISK the Paladin or her crew in unnecessary heroics. Given my brief scan of your record, Captain, this is evidently something I cannot overstate.

Good luck and keep us informed. Remember, you are not alone.

VADM Ashkeph, M.
Fleet Commander
38th Fleet / Argo


//ATTACHMENT// FWD: unexplored system probe release.aar
//ATTACHMENT// FWD: stasis pod containment
//ATTACHMENT// [starfleet/7th-dominion communications].bundle
//ATTACHMENT// [intel-sitrep: keth 6].bundle
TO VADM Ashkeph
CC CAPT Varley, RDML Perim
FROM Captain Quint
SUBJ Re:Paladin mission directives

:: Shared Secret Level 6 Encryption Active ::

Good evening Vice Admiral.

For what its worth, I apologize that your first encounter with me is under these kinds of conditions. I'm fully aware I have a habit of aggravating the chain of command, and an accordant meeting with yourself is forthcoming.

Until then however, this is the situation as it stands. Keth 6 is believed to be dead, a Jem'Hadar attack ship and its crew are destroyed as well. Before this occurred Keth 6 did provide us with the bacteria to save the planet and its population. Delivering it herself. A scan of the bacteria was sent to Deep Space Thirteen Medical so as to be replicated and treat our guest. Once that was deemed promising we moved to secure Keth 6. She seemed to commit suicide. The Jem'Hadar attempted to flee but upon being directed to stand down they turned about and tried to ram the Paladin. When that proved impossible they to suicided, self destructing their ship. We scanned the remains and did find bio remains of a Vorta bearing Keth's DNA markers, as well as several Jem'Hadar.

So the planet is saved and the criminal is dead. On the surface this seems open and shut but I highly doubt it personally. Adding to what has occurred we monitored the presence of a Terix Ha'nom class warbird. The ship decloaked, transported something to the Jem'Hadar attack craft and then warped out. Tachyon scans showed noting unusual so, at current I believe they are not a presence in the system.

We will be deploying a buoy to track activity in the system as well as a few probes to orbit the planets surreptitiously. With luck they wont have much to report but in the off chance there is more going on we will at least have some forewarning. Even if its the sudden silence of one of these probes.

Captain Emery Quint
U.S.S. Paladin
38'th Fleet, Gemini Squadron