97624.2 Federation News Service

It was a development that a number of political analysts predicted would come. The rise in tensions and aggressions from Klingon House Mo’Kai finally came to a head yesterday when the criminally wanted J’Ula made use of an obscure Klingon law to restore her status as Matriarch and demanded the right to speak before the High Council on Qo’noS. As impossibly controversial as this would seem to those of us in the Federation, an audience was granted and many critical Empire luminaries gathered to witness the events.

What followed was the Matriarch issuing a unequivocal challenge of authority to the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, J’mpok, both in word and in deed. After delivering a passionate speech, she and her followers took advantage of the already set stage to launch a direct assault on J’mpok and the High Council at large. We were able to obtain a recording of the High Council chambers as the events occurred.

We have been told that the High Council and their security did successfully defend themselves against the attack, but in the ensuing chaos, J’Ula escaped with numerous followers. Simultaneous to the ground attack on the High Council members, several Mo’Kai task forces coordinated attacks on various planetary targets in Klingon territory and on their borders. Reports that confirm the Ceron System in Mempa Sector and Qu’Vat in Gorath were among the numerous targets. Additionally, a Federation starbase located in the Seedea System in Xarantine was the victim of House Mo’Kai’s engineered computer virus, resulting in the station’s total destruction.

Qu’Vat City, a Klingon metropolis home to millions of the Empire’s citizens, was likewise devastated by a House Mo’Kai superweapon, which has left multiple mycelial rifts in orbit as well as one on the city itself. We do not yet have confirmed casualty counts for any of these assaults, but they will undoubtedly be tragically high.

In response to these events, the Klingon Empire’s Chancellor J’mpok made the following statement:

((Events of The Centre Cannot Hold are now fleet canon.))