AAR: A Thief in Need (Part II)

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LCDR Sedai, Katriel

After Action Report


MISSION Accept high volume of juleki crop from Katori IX. Katori IX patrol ship will be accompanying the shipment back to DS13.

OUTCOME Successfully transferred shipment of juleki to SS Bastet. USS Endeavour escorted both the Bastet and a Katori IX patrol ship back to the station.


  • CAPT Bishop, Sam (USS Endeavour)
  • CAPT Nimitz, Alistair
  • LCDR Sedai, Katriel
  • LT Morgan, Edward
  • LT Khet, Mossic
  • ENS Thyzee
  • CIV Yira, Sii’Yasha

NARRATIVE All proceedings were smooth until our arrival at Katori IX. We were hailed by Matriarch Pholora on their patrol vessel and after she and Captain Bishop exchanged pleasantries, a Katori freighter left dock to transfer the shipment of juleki. (Juleki cannot be moved by transporter, lest it lose its medicinal value.)

However, before the Katori freighter got too far, its movement halted. In the ensuing discussion, we discovered the freighter crew was refusing to turn the juleki over to us and threatening to destroy the entire shipment if their demands were not met. Matriarch Pholora was, understandably, aggrieved by this turn of affairs and began to argue with the freighter crew (ringleader Loria).

Captain Bishop had placed me in charge of this discussion while he consulted with others aboard the Endeavor on a backup plan, should it be necessary. I am not altogether certain what they came up with, though my feeling is that they had come to an agreement and would have had a plan ready, had it been necessary.

I did have a sense that the freighter crew was not belligerently committed to destroying their cargo, so luckily they accepted a proposal to accompany the Matriarch and her adjudicators back to the station with us and attend the trial of the Hauden. This way they’d be able to see for themselves the process of justice, by Katori law standards.

The freighter resumed its course and the SS Bastet was able to collect all the juleki without further incident.

RECOMMENDATION Matriarch Pholora and her adjudicators require housing and further instruction on arrangements for the trial of the Hauden. It should be made clear that some of the party, should they be invited to stay aboard Deep Space 13, may need extra attention to ensure they don’t get into any concerns that are not theirs.

RECOGNITION All personnel performed satisfactorily.

OOC Calyx was GM, thank you!
Mission Brief: A Thief in Need (Part II)