Katori Delegation and Hauden Trial

To: CAPT Varley (@Lauren)
CC: CAPT Bishop (@Sam), AMB Perim (@kermit)
From: LCDR Sedai, Katriel
Subj: Katori Delegation and Hauden Trial

Hello, Captain.

I wanted to make you aware of the Katori delegation that arrived with the USS Endeavour after our mission ended yesterday. They are most likely expecting further instructions for the accommodation of the trial of the Hauden.

Please note that yesterday’s mission was rife with some friction; there is a subset of the Matriarch’s party that was … not exactly adamantly against trial, but they seem fairly convinced of the trial’s outcome already and I’d be remiss to not raise a small red flag at the possibilities of what could happen if the results don’t meet their expectations. The whole group will require more attention than our typical station guests would.

I am available if you have additional questions or would like further clarification on the subject.

LCDR Sedai, Katriel
DS13 Counseling

//ATTACHMENT// AAR: A Thief in Need (Part II)