AAR: Antediluvian Apprehension

Filed By:
CMDR Barron, Maikull

LOCATION Zhen Xiu System; Asteroid Belt

MISSION Follow up Survey of the System and Anomalous Readings of Alpha Radiation

OUTCOME Partial Success (Needs further Review)


  • Barron, Maikull (Commander)
  • Stern, Jessica (Commander)
  • V’era (Lt. Commander)
  • Three of Forteeen (Lt. Commander)
  • Brannigan, Zachary (Lt. Commander)

NARRATIVE Discovered a Laboratory on the Anomalous Asteroid detected by the USS Dallas, Lab was researching Cozmonian Lifeforms, one of which escaped (Species: Cnidarian). Preliminary Analysis suggests this specific lifeform to have been in stasis over 10,000 years before -awakening- to the dead lab and escaping. Creature attacked USS Sun Tzu believing us to be affiliated with the ones who attacked/captured it, after sustaining heavy damage, we were able to make contact and explain the situation. USS Dragon arrived on scene to Tow back USS Sun Tzu, and help escort Cnidarian Lifeform back to its own kind near the Risa Sector.

RECOMMENDATION Recommend further study of the Asteroid structure (With Full Escort). The Asteroid belt appears to have some sort of energy dilation within that radiates energy and kinetic weaponry. (why the Cnidarian did not use any of its energy based abilities until AFTER we were cleared from the belt. The ‘Station’ itself (Referred to by the Lifeform as the Culling Stone) emits high amounts of Alpha Radiation into a low-leveled forcefield, acting as bait (As Cozmonian Lifeforms TYPICALLY feed or are attracted to such radiation) the shields are then raised, capturing the creatures for study (presumably).

RECOGNITION Special Recognition to my crew for performing admirably in the face of danger, as well as the Crew of the USS Dragon for their swift response to our Distress call.


  • Scientific Readings of Level 3 Probe (Left by USS Dallas)
  • Scientific Readings of Asteroid Belt during Cnidarian Engagement
  • Scientific Readings of Asteroid ‘Base’ Laboratory