AAR: Cernan System Patrol

Filed By:
CMDR Tyrstoc

LOCATION Ranek Crash Site, Cernan II, Cernan System, Kassae Sector

MISSION Patrol the Cernan System following reports of a missing freighter.

OUTCOME Wreckage of the SS Ranek located on surface of Cernan II, black box recovered and analyzed. Freighter lost with all hands due to engine malfunction leading to subsequent destruction in uncontrolled atmospheric re-entry.


  • Commander Tyrstoc
  • Commander Maikull Barron

NARRATIVE USS Moytura and USS Sun Tzu deployed to Cernan II following the last known coordinates of the freighter SS Ranek. Planetary interference required transport down to the surface, where Starfleet recommendations for hostile conditions involving high concentration of carbon dioxide were followed. Commander Tyrstoc and Commander Barron searched for life signs and found none, but located debris matching the missing freighter, and recovered the ship’s black box. Once analyzed, the recorder confirmed the debris as what remained of the SS Ranek. The vessel had dropped out of warp due to engine malfunction, but was unable to disengage full impulse engines, and fell into the planet’s orbit where it burned up on re-entry. The civilian crew were so engaged attempting to avert the crash that no SOS was sent. No survivors were recorded.

RECOMMENDATION Notify living relations of SS Ranek crew’s deaths and cause, relay black box information. Assure them that all efforts were made to identify any survivors or surviving materials. Freighters of similar make, model, and age should be advised to prioritize full inspection of engine systems to avoid further tragedies.

RECOGNITION Commander Maikull Barron showed excellent initiative in taking point on the search.

OOC Extra special thanks to @Maikull for putting this together for me and composing the transcript, which can be found here: Freighter Fallout!