Freighter Fallout!

[Transcript of a In-Game Team Channel RP Patrol between myself and @Space_Monkey]

Commander Barron:> [The USS Sun Tzu and USS Moytura have been assigned to Patrol the Cernan System, of the Kassae Sector, due to reports of a missing Freighter, both ships head to warp from Star base 13

Commander Barron:[Dropping out of warp, the two ships approach Cernan II, a Class M Planet surrounded by Spatial Debris.

Commander Barron:Commander Tyrstoc, lets scan the system to see if we can’t find our lost freighter

Sun Tzu Ops Station:[Over Opens Comms] Sir, there is a lot of planetary interference, we will need to get closet to get a more accurate scan

Commander Tyrstoc:Tyrstoc’s voice comes alive over comms Copy, Sun Tzu. Moytura reporting same.

Commander Tyrstoc:Could have something to do with these debris’ fields

Sun Tzu Science Station:[Over open comms] Sir’s, The Planet is showing to have a high concentration of carbon dioxide int he atmosphere

Commander Barron:But it’s registered M-Class

Sun Tzu Science Station:Yes sir, it’s still habitable, but Starfleet recommends any away teams who go down, get inoculated with a tri-ox compound prior to arrival

Commander Barron:Well, if there is anything down there, we will need to limit our away team numbers. Commander, care to join me

Commander Tyrstoc:Sure, could stand to stretch my legs. Medical is readying the tri-ox as we speak. I’ll meet you down there, Commander Barron.

Commander Barron:Acknowledged

Commander Barron:[The two commanding officers beam down to what appears to be a barren and desolate landscape. Ash rains down upon them from an unknown source, and even with the inoculations, the air stings the back

Commander Barron:of their throats

Commander Barron:Alright then. Let’s try to find a needle in a haystack

Commander Barron:There is something over there. Lets check that out first, it doesn’t look local

Commander Tyrstoc:Tyrstoc gazes around the wasteland beam-in site with a wary eye that quickly narrows as the environmental effects set in. He adjusts the strap of the distinctive pulse rifle over his shoulder and nod

Commander Tyrstoc:"I’ll follow your lead, Commander.

Commander Tyrstoc ponders the situation

Commander Barron:Commander Barron leans down to examine the metallic object.

Commander Barron:Scans indicate this is from our missing Benzite Transport, but its heavy scorched, probably from re-entry

Commander Tyrstoc:"How old?

Commander Tyrstoc:Glances at the surrounding impact zone

Commander Barron:[Commander Barron places his hands on the object for a second before withdrawing quickly

Commander Tyrstoc:“Fresh, then.” He says with a slight scowl

Commander Barron:"She’s still a little warm…but that could be from the sun exposure.

Commander Tyrstoc:"Hm.

Commander Barron:"Lets recalibrate our tricorders, see if we cant pinpoint any more pieces. If it crashed here, the black box shouldn’t be too far away.

Commander Tyrstoc:"We should check for life signs. There could be survivors, escape shuttles.

Commander Barron:Agreed. Not showing any life signs, but when has that stopped an ambush before. Lets check over this hill here, see if we cant get a better vantage point.

Commander Tyrstoc:Tyrstoc punches a few commands into his own tricorder, squinting at the readout

Commander Tyrstoc:Then nods at Maikull

Commander Barron:Look over her

Commander Barron points dramatically forward

Commander Barron:Odd formation in a place like this

Commander Tyrstoc scans the environment alertly

Commander Tyrstoc:"Indeed… I’m no geologist, but that doesn’t strike me as natural.

Commander Barron:I got a hit over here. Lets keep our eyes peeled. Don’t need something popping up from under the sand…again

Commander Tyrstoc:quirks a brow silently at that

Commander Barron:So how are you liking it with the 38th

Commander Tyrstoc:"It’s an adjustment, but maybe it’s just the bigger ship.

Commander Tyrstoc:"The personnel seem good. Still not sure where a glorified soldier like me fits in, though, if I’m honest…

Commander Barron:Tethrezine Gas. Guess its naturally occurring on this planet (he remarks to the blueish cloud dissipating in front of them

Commander Tyrstoc:"Hm.

Commander Barron:Another hit in one of them weird structures

Commander Barron:Lets…be careful

Commander Tyrstoc:"Always.

Commander Barron:Yea, I feel you though

Commander Barron:We came from the 26th, out near the romulan boarder, fighting Tal’shiar

Commander Tyrstoc:Tyrstoc unslings the rifle with a natural ease, not raising it but holding it in a practiced passive readiness position that seemed all but second nature

Commander Barron:Yea, we got another one

Commander Barron:Check it out? Ill keep watch

Commander Tyrstoc:Looks as though he might have been formulating a response in his slow way when Maikull spoke again, and so instead simply nodded

Commander Tyrstoc:Tyrstoc slung his rifle to the side, drawing out his tricorder again to run a simple scan of the debris. His alien brow furrows as he works

Commander Barron:[Commander Barron keeps his eyes on the foliage around him for any movement while the other commander works

Commander Tyrstoc:“Same as the last. Can’t tell any real details on what might have caused the crash, which doesn’t sit well in my gut.” He pauses

Commander Tyrstoc:Tyrstoc stands again as he speaks, eyes flashing up from his tricorder briefly to scan the surroundings before looking back down to the readout. "Got another ping nearby.

Commander Barron:"Lead the way.

Commander Tyrstoc points dramatically forward

Commander Barron:I see it

Commander Tyrstoc:"There. Close concentration of debris for an atmospheric breakup…

Commander Tyrstoc:"Give it a look over, I’ve got you covered.

Commander Barron:[pulls out his tricorder

Commander Barron scans the environment with a tricorder

Commander Tyrstoc:Tyrstoc taps his COMM badge while he waits, eyes still tracing the nearby hills. "Moytura, report.

Patrol 7

Commander Tyrstoc:A voice crackles back over the strained comms, "Nothi-- sir, we don-- have mu-- of an–thing up here.

Commander Barron:“That bodes well.” he remarked with a smirk. “I got another signal over that hill” he says pointing to the next bunch of trees

Commander Tyrstoc:Tyrstoc’s thin lips twist slightly. "Don’t like it, but we’re still operationally clear.

Commander Tyrstoc:He nods to Maikull’s words

Commander Barron:"Yea, lets try to wrap this up quickly.

Commander Barron:Ya know, atmosphere aside, this would be a great planet for survival training…

Commander Tyrstoc:"It’s not unlike Rigel Twelve.

Commander Tyrstoc:"Hm. Thoron particles. Not the most common thing in the quadrant.

Commander Barron:Hang on a sec, I think I got something

Commander Tyrstoc:"Copy. Standing by.

Commander Barron:[Barron rummages through the debris and withdraws a isoliner chip] Good condition, lets see what this get us…

Commander Barron:[Attaching the chip to his tricorder, he spins around as he scans the area, at his 2’0 clock, the tricorder trills faintly.

Commander Barron:"I think I got a lock on the black box.

Commander Tyrstoc:"The quicker the better.

Commander Barron points over to the other end of trees across the chase

Commander Barron:Based on the signal strength, its way over there

Commander Barron points dramatically forward

Commander Tyrstoc:"Alright. One at a time down the slope. You first, I’ll cover.

Commander Barron slides down the slope with a little waiver of balance, but manages to not fall

Commander Tyrstoc seems remarkably surefooted despite the stiffness in his left hip that left the usually noticeable hitch in his stride. In fact, in the field, that hitch seems nearly nonexistent

Commander Barron:[The two commanders race across the open terrain, their combined tactical training embedding the dangers of being in the open, as they reach the final clearing

Commander Barron:*he hesitates, as he once again scans the surroundings, seeing their target in view

Commander Barron:"Looks and Scans clear…

Commander Tyrstoc stands hesitant for a moment, studying his tricorder, before kneeling down and slinging his rifle aside again to reach out and carefully pry loose the black box. "And we’ve got our box.

Commander Tyrstoc:Looks mostly intact. Should tell us what happened to these poor souls

Commander Barron:"Good, Ive seen no signs of life thus far either, so I say we head up and see what the engineers can pull off that.

Commander Tyrstoc stands, making one last visual scan of the area. "I suppose so. If I had my way I’d search longer for survivors, given the interference on this planet, but… we’ve done what we can, in all

Commander Tyrstoc - likelihood.

Commander Barron:"Yea, if the black box can give us any indication someone made it out, we can bring a full search party.

Commander Tyrstoc:nods in solemn reply, then taps his badge. "Moytura, one to beam up.

Commander Barron:follows his lead "Sun Tzu, one to beam up

OOC This was a In-Game team up of the Cernan System Patrol. For narrative purposes I modified the plot to not involve the Orion (We have enough to worry about coming up, lol). Just a good ol exploration/follow up mission. Hope you enjoyed it, and if anyone is interested, id loved to run some more of these around Delta Shift if interested!