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CAPT Tungsten, Drake

After Action Report

LOCATION Planet Khitomer, Khitomer Sector

MISSION 38th Fleet task force assigned to the planet Khitomer, to close a mycelial rift embedded in the planet’s surface. Secondary objective from Starfleet Intelligence to gather any information on Klingon house movements and allegiances.

OUTCOME Successful closing of the mycelial rift, minor intelligence gathered, and no hostilities.


  • Captain Allistair Nimitz
  • Captain Trellain DeDrowvani Nimitz
  • Captain Drake Tungsten
  • Commander Amathel Tolar
  • Ensign Veneela Sovum

NARRATIVE Upon arriving in orbit of Khitomer, the task force spotted several Klingon ships in orbit, unperturbed by our arrival. They were later identified as belonging to House D’Ewos. The lead ship had little to say except for insisting that we get to work on closing the rift, upon being hailed by the task force leader, Captain Nimitz, aboard the Pegasus.

USS Mariner was tasked with closing the rift, while Scharnhorst and Dragon were tasked with gathering intelligence, if any to be gathered, and keeping watch on the broader area. Pegasus would be positioned for closer support of Mariner while it conducted operations on closing the rift, as well as command.

USS Dragon utilized its SUZERAIN tactical sensor array for active scanning of all ship positions in the area, and detected 3 Klingon vessels (two birds of prey, and one battlecruiser), seemingly unaffiliated with the House D’Ewos ships uncloaked in orbit. These three ships moved very slowly toward the Starfleet task force, coming into position bearing 180, and then de-cloaking. The task force was advised of their presence and movements the whole time, though SUZERAIN uplink to the other ships was not made to avoid an infection vector for the Mo’Kai computer virus, as a precaution. Aside from de-cloaking dead astern (but just outside weapons range), these Klingon vessels made no hostile moves, and our ships had defensive systems primed, but not armed, and otherwise at condition normal. The Klingon vessels would identify themselves as ships of House Mar’voga, and ask what was taking so long, and offer assistance to the Starfleet task force.

At this point, crew of the USS Dragon did search the available databases on House Mar’voga, and found notations both stating their cunning, ruthlessness, and evidence of ties to the Orion Syndicate; though their actions at Khitomer today would not make this reputation apparent. The House D’Ewos ship in contact with us did, however, wish to categorize them as such later.

As for the primary mission, the crew of the Mariner made clear they would need scans on both sides of the mycelial rift in order to close it properly, with one of those sides currently being obscured by the crust of the planet. Mariner’s crew devised a plan to make use of a transphasic torpedo to modify a probe so that it may pass through the surface and get behind the rift for the readings they needed, and implemented this plan to great success. The rift was closed without incident.

Interestingly, as the rift was closed, the lead ship from House D’Ewos expressed a desire to hold peace talks with Starfleet as a neutral third-party. I feel the need to pull the direct quote from the comm logs here:

We are aware that Starfleet and the Federation are unlikely to take a direct part in the near future of the Klingon Empire. As you should not, it is an internal matter. However, our leader would like to know if the 38th would facilitate any peace conferences between Klingon groups, as a neutral third party. House D’Ewos intends to spearhead these diplomatic talks, if so.

Also interestingly, they seemed intent on not allowing House Mar’voga to attend this peace conference, until Captain Nimitz mentioned that a peace conference would likely need all houses to attend, while mentioning we’d at least float the idea to our superiors.

The Starfleet task force was able to leave the system without incident, and held a debriefing aboard USS Pegasus, before ships went their separate ways to resume standing missions.

RECOMMENDATION No recommendations relevant to the primary mission except that USS Mariner’s probe technique may prove useful in other situations with a mycelial rift partially embedded in a planet. As for House D’Ewos’ suggestion of a peace conference, those of us present feel that they could be using this event to either increase their own station within the empire, or perhaps drag us into the conflict by assassinating someone present with us around, or even actually have pure motives. I think that may be best left to Starfleet Intelligence and the Diplomatic Corps to answer, but nonetheless, I doubt they would need our input to take security precautions very seriously if such a thing moves forward. This officer intends this report to be forwarded to Starfleet Intelligence, and the Diplomatic Corps.

RECOGNITION Commander Tolar, and the USS Mariner crew did an outstanding job of improvising an effective solution for closing a problematic mycelial rift.

Captain DeDrowvani Nimitz also showed impressive tactical ingenuity while coming up with a plan to piggyback the House Mar’voga sensor link, had they gone through with the sensor uplink they had offered to assist us with, and diligently collecting passive sensor information for Intelligence.

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