AAR: Clear DS13 Internal Debris

Stardate 94920.4
LCDR Suvik
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Deep Space 13, Aldebaran Sector, Beta Quadrant

MISSION: As ordered by 38th Fleet Command, mission group assembled to clear internal debris for access to remaining impassable station decks and sections.

OUTCOME: Mission successful, with nine casualties. All intact areas cleared of obstructive debris. All detected remains and biomatter collected: numerous MIA individuals positively identified and reclassified as KIA.

LCDR Suvik
LCDR Flannigan, M.
LCDR Hargrave, K.
LT Hammond, G.
ENS Glaar
ENS Blackford, U.
ENS Kampf, E.
CRW th'Rothro, S.
CRW Sanghvi, R.

NARRATIVE: Over a period of approximately one week, twelve engineering strike teams were assembled and deployed to DS13 via runabout with the objective of clearing internal debris and accounting for the remaining missing personnel. While the physical act of removing debris was made manageable by the microgravity environment, structural instability proved to be a significant impediment. Noteworthy incidents are included for the record:

- Removal of debris from Decks 148 and 149 revealed unexpected stress fractures which caused the decks to collapse into each other, upon the failure of vertical support structures. Team Four was briefly trapped and had to be extricated. All five members survived with minor to moderate injuries.

- A medical gas container on Deck 61 ruptured upon contact with free-floating debris. Two officers were injured by the container's projectile force.

- One crewman suffered moderate hypoxia after sustaining EV suit puncture damage during the course of her duties.

- One officer suffered severe hypoxia and decompression sickness resulting from impact-induced EV suit faceplate failure.

RECOMMENDATION: Despite setbacks this officer recommends efforts continue, with an increased emphasis on operational safety. It is further recommended that the list of identified remains be tallied as soon as possible.

OOC: This is an NPC result of an unfinished assignment from Project DS13 (Week 1). Future NPC results will be likewise riddled with setbacks and may result in delays or even overall failure of the project. You have been warned! If you have any questions, let me know!