AAR: Co-op - October (4 June 2017)

Stardate: 93425.5AAR: Anti-Smuggling OperationsReport Submitted: CDT Stern, U.Level 1: Open

Note: The U.S.S. October and U.S.S. Vanguard were involved in the following operation. This report details that activities of the U.S.S. October.

For the report from the U.S.S. Vanguard, see here.

On stardate 93425.3 the U.S.S. October and U.S.S. Vanguard traveled to the Echomet system on intelligence shared from authorities on New Circini. Starfleets' arrival was to coincide with a shipment of contraband goods leaving the planet. Upon arrival our group was intercepted by two Echometan World Guard patrol vessels. They made it clear that our vessels were to stay outside of Echometan space no matter the circumstances. Captain Konieczko requested to work with Echometan authorities, but his request was denied. The Echometan ships split up to mirror the actions of our vessels on their side of the border.

Both ships remained outside of Echometan space and proceeded to scan arriving and departing vessels after securing the permission of the respective vessels' captains. Traffic in the system was light and the scans were quick. The first freighter scanned by the October was clear of contraband, and allowed to go on its way. A second freighter of Ferengi design was spotted leaving the system, and the October moved to intercept. The freighter captain was clearly reluctant to lower his shields and consent to a scan, but Captain Morton was able to convince him. Scans revealed his vessel was carrying illegal munitions. Captain Morton was in the process of speaking to the Ferengi when the Echometan guard vessel near us simply transported the munitions to their ship, raised shields, and remained silent.

Captain Morton was dealing with this situation when sensors showed a civilian vessel being investigated by the Vanguard go to full power and attempt to flee. A tractor beam attempt from Vanguard was unsuccessful, resulting in a turn to pursue. Regrettably, the Echometan guard vessel failed to maneuver and collided with the Vanguard. See attached sensor logs and the report from Vanguard for further details. October moved to assist, but the Vanguard was quick to engage in a second tractor beam attempt and rescue crew from the stricken guard vessel. Survivors were beamed to the remaining guard vessel upon request.

The Vanguard used a tachyon pulse to lower the shields of the tractored ship, and scans revealed four irreo eggs within. However, the three person crew destroyed the eggs before we could confiscate them. The Vanguard beamed the crew to their brig and transported them to DS-13. A request to turn the detained crew over to the Echometan authorities was denied by Captain Konieczko.

Officers Involved:
Captain Coby Morton
Lieutenant Commander Rose Hanson
Captain (MACO) Samantha Hill
Cadet Ulrich Stern

Cadet Ulrich Stern
Academy Annex

//ATTACHMENT// sensors_O.log