AAR: Crossing Roads (TF Peacecraft)

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CAPT Mirazuni, A.

LOCATION Crossroads Nebula.

MISSION Investigate reports of an Azedi dreadnought in the Crossroads Nebula.

OUTCOME Dreadnought found and destroyed successfully.


  • CAPT Mirazuni, A.
  • CMDR Eunbi, J.
  • LT Mekyu, S.

BACKGROUND After weeks of intelligence gathering, a picture of the dreadnought’s location in the nebula was built up. However, with time running out and a definite location not yet revealed, CMDR Eunbi and I decided to go undercover at a local trading station to see if there were any leads. We happened to chance upon a drop where a buyer received a data chip with the supposed coordinates of the ship in question. The CMDR and I obtained this chip and got the coordinates within. Naturally, the coordinates were not precise enough, but combined with the rest of the intelligence that was obtained, we had enough information to make a move in the nebula.

NARRATIVE Taking the U.S.S. Bark, we quickly were able to identify the location of the dreadnought from a combination of our intelligence, and the presence of other scavenger ships in the vicinity. These ships posed no threat to the U.S.S. Bark, but they had the advantage in numbers. Wasting no time, away teams were sent to the portions of the ship with life support to place explosives in order to destroy the ship. Meanwhile, I lead an away team with the named officers above to the control centre to download data and wipe data from the ship to ensure there was nothing left for others to take. This was successful and after initiating a fake self-destruct alarm to scare the rest of the scavengers off the ship, we returned to the U.S.S. Bark.

The explosives were set off successfully, but they did not destroy the entire ship. Under fire from the scavenger ships, we targeted the pieces of the dreadnought that remained. We were quickly joined by the U.S.S. Persephone, who had heard our distress call, and together, we were able to dissuade the other ships from attacking and destroyed the remaining parts of the dreadnought. With the mission complete, we withdrew from the nebula.

RECOMMENDATION One of the more notable scavenger groups in the area seem to be called “The Cartel”. Whilst a small player in a small region, it may be prudent to monitor them if resources allow.

Data from the Azedi dreadnought is fragmented at best, but it could be used to see what had been taken from the dreadnought in the weeks leading up to our mission. There were a lot of scavenger ships in the area and so there is a high possibility that data and items had already been taken.

RECOGNITION All personnel performed well, with Commander Eunbi performing excellently in her duties as First Officer. Lieutenant Mekyu also aided with an intuitive use of the ship’s tactical systems.

OOC This is an AAR for an event that was mostly done between me and Eunha, but Brex managed to join in for the main part of the RP. It was RP’d as part of Timo’s Task Force Peacecraft Objectives.