TO: RDML Bishop | SUBJ: Shinari Situation

To: RDML S. Bishop
CC: AMB N. Perim
From: CAPT C. Dubois
Subj: Shinari Situation

I’m writing to you in order to request the sending of another mission to Shinarechi, home system of the Shinari, in order to proceed with the delivery of further humanitarian aid and to pursue further diplomatic contacts as well.
As you may already know from the reports (you can find the latest attached to this message), the situation on Shinarechi is ambiguous at best, and we find ourselves in a very delicate position. At the same time, and despite the dangers and ambiguities, it is my opinion that we cannot underestimate the need for actively engaging the Shinari, nor refrain from providing what help we can. It is a matter that could potentially affect the strategic stability of the whole region, and it should be addressed as such.
Moreover, the Shinari Restoration Council has officially asked for the supply of aid from Starfleet and the opening of diplomatic channels with the Federation, and it is our duty to abide by their request.

I consulted with the Strategic Operations Division officers on board the Peacecraft, and they agree that the best way to pursue contact with the Shinari is to follow their rules, at least for the moment, by sending a frigate-size (according to Shinari standards) unit to Shinarechi shipping supplies and with a diplomatic delegation on board to enhance contact. Havign revieweved the situation myself, and having probed the consensus of the other COs in the Task Force, I agree with their assessment. But we need to act fast, as we still lack much vital intelligence, and we don’t know if the situation on Shinarechi is stable, and could stay stable for the foreseeable future.
A frigate-size unit for Shinari standards would be roughly equivalent to our Exeter class, so we could re-deploy the USS Argama to Shinarechi, with the Peacecraft standing by on the outskirts of the region of space claimed by the Shinari.
If you wish so, I can come up with the draft of the operation and present it to you at your earliest convenienve for the necessary authorizations.

On another note, our Task Force has recently come into contact with a group of smugglers known as ‘The Cartel’. As you may already know, this group attempted to obtain the wreck of an Azedi dreadnought, though the efforts have been thwarted by our intervention inside the Crossroads Nebula. I would like to request your authorization for further investigation into the activities of this ‘Cartel’ in order to assess whether they pose any significant threat to the strategic stability of this area of space.

I will wait for your orders,

CAPT Christian Dubois
Commanding Officer,
USS Peacecraft

//ATTACHMENT// AAR: Shinari Contact
//ATTACHMENT// AAR: Operation inside Crossroads Nebula


To: CAPT Dubois, C.
CC: AMB Perim, N
From: RDML Bishop, S.
Subj: RE: Shinari Situation


Thank you for the update. Your task force is performing excellently, considering the circumstances. I have reviewed the proposal and the report and I agree with your assessment. You are authorised to send another mission to Shinarechi.

As for this Cartel, we have little information regarding them at present. I you deem it necessary, I would like one of your ships to investigate and report back.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’

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