AAR: Denovora Defense

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CAPT Barron, Maikull

LOCATION Denovora System Research Outpost


OUTCOME Terran Forces attempted to breach the Denovora system; were repelled by Starfleet Forces.


  • Capt Barron [USS Alexander]
  • Capt Nimitz, A [USS Pegasus]
  • CMDR Tyrsoc [USS Moytura]
  • Terran Jupiter Class [I.S.S. Betazed]
  • Terran Sovereign Class [I.S.S. Saratoga]
  • Terran Luna Class [I.S.S. Birk]

NARRATIVE A Terran Strike force of three ships entered the Denovora System and demanded Starfleet Forces surrender. A Fire-fight immideatly broke out, with the USS Moytura taking serious damage. As both sides struggled to maintain their forces and return fire, Additional Starfleet Forces appeared to render aid, causing the Terran Strike team to flee the system.


  1. Continue to fortify our systems. The Terrans seem keen to push into the lower sections of the Doza Sector, already gaining a Foothold in the Kilur System. Recommend a strong task force retake this system to prevent any further advance.

  2. Run Audio Recognition on the communications from the Jupiter Class Carrier, as it appeared to have been the commanding ship to see if it matches anyone on file from our universe. This will help identify who may be commanding the Terrans.

OOC AAR from the PVP event last night. Special thanks to @Katriel for commanding the Alexander for me, due to IRL issues that occured just before the start.