To: Bishop | From: Barron | SUBJ: Operation Parasite

To: RDML Bishop (@Sam)
CC: BGEN Cynis (@gulremal)
From: CAPT Barron, M
Subj: Operation Parasite

Admiral Bishop,

I have noticed a possibility for exploitation within the enemy ranks I wished to bring to your attention. In the past few encounters we have had with the Terran’s, one ship has stuck out, the I.S.S. Saratoga. This Sovereign Class Cruiser is captained by the Mirror Counterpart of our very own Captain Varley. I must admit, this is not the only time I have encountered this specific ship, as it was present in the original assault of the Itrin System and was the lead ship sent after the Sun Tzu.

History aside, this cruiser in particular has taken a frontline stance, and reports indicate she still hops in and out of the Itrin system to check on things, and continuously harass rescue and salvage operations. In my own face off with her, I attempted to goad as much intelligence as I could, alas my efforts failed. In this, Mirror-Varley presented the willingness to hold and execute hostages to force our hand, thankfully General Cynis was present, under cloak in the system monitoring things, and the hostages were released as agreed upon.

But the continual presence of the Terrans in the Itrin system needs to come to an end, and we also need more intel on their numbers and operations. So I am suggesting authorizing a Aries Task Force, along with assistance of General Cynis to -push- The I.S.S. Saratoga out of the system. The USS Dragon, USS Pegasus, and USS Alexander, upon confirmation of ISS Saratoga’s presence can warp into the system, ‘al-la-Atlantis’ and get the jump on the Saratoga, bringing down her shields and severely crippling her. In this moment, while the three ships are engaging her, and any possible escorts she may have, Both Myself and KDF forces under cloak will beam over a boarding parties into the Saratoga.

I would send the standard boarding party to further disable the ship, but I am recommending that our cloaked envoy deploy my Chief Security Officer at the same time. Lt.Cmdr Mark-0 is a Photonic-Being, therefor does not register as a Lifeform on sensors. Between overwhelming engagement, as well as my own Boarding Parties as cover, he can make it aboard the Saratoga and hide himself in their redundant systems. Hopefully we prevail and are able to force the Terrans out of the system, deliberately allowing the Saratoga to flee. If not, we withdraw once more, but leave Mark-0 onboard.

Once there, he can work to not only infiltrate their systems, but hopefully transmit back valuable data, as well as additional fleet data and possible base of operations. (She’s going to have to limp back home for repairs either way…) Mark-0’s core files will be backed up on the Alexander, so if he is captured or his signal is lost, he can be reinstated onboard once more.

Captain Maikull Barron
Commanding Officer,
USS Alexander

//ATTACHMENT// [AAR: Hostage situation]
//ATTACHMENT// [AAR: Denovora Defense]


To: CAPT Barron, M
From: BGEN Sadia Cynis
Subj: RE: Operation Parasite

I like your guramba. You obviously burn with desire to have vengeance on terran Varley for what happened to your ship and crew. But I do not believe that your plan will work. This terran is a real piece of work, and I don’t think we should bother to outsmart her.
Do not complicate things. If you think you can get an entire squadron in a position to get a jump on her, just go for the kill. If you plan to board her ship, then go for capture. Don’t depend on some fancy piece of software to do your job - she might just end up using it against you.
If you are going to make a decisive action against her, then I’ll back you up. If you’re going to fight with one hand tied behind your back (like you almost did at Itrin last time) then I’m out.

Strength and Honor,

Brigadier General Sadia Cynis
Commanding Officer,
Task Force Hurq Mevik


To: CAPT Barron, M
CC: ~~
From: RDML Bishop, S.
Subj: RE: Operation Parasite

Request denied. Resources are needed elsewhere.

Push the Saratoga out of the Itrin System. Use a MACO Team if you must. Ask General Cynis for an assault team. Take a Task Force and drive her out piece by piece. These are the options available to you.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’