AAR: Drozana Incident

Stardate 95783.7
LTJG S. Valore
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: Drozana Station, Donatu Sector.

MISSION: Acquire information from contact Henry Hawkins.

OUTCOME: Contact became uncooperative and information was not acquired. Lieutenant Valencia in critical condition following stabbing.


CAPT A. Nimitz
CAPT S. Bishop
LCDR J. Eunbi
LTJG S. Valore
1LT G. Valencia

NARRATIVE: This officer was called on to join a mission, with the details being nonexistent apart from a request to come prepared with civilian clothing only and a phaser. This officer was instructed to by CO Nimitz to send a communique to Captain Bishop to request First Lieutenant Valencia's participation in this mission. A copy of this communique is attached below. This officer wishes to emphasize that the details of the mission were not known to the officer at the time, hence why the message is very vague. This officer assumed Captain Bishop would know more than this officer, given the directive by Captain Nimitz.

The team for this mission was composed of Captain Nimitz, Commander Eunbi, myself, and Lieutenant Valencia. Captain Nimitz arranged transport to Drozana via the Pegasus' delta flyer "Unconquerable." During flight prep, the Captain informed us that the individual we seek is a man named Henry Hawkins, who is expected to meet us at Drozana.

Upon arrival at Drozana, Captain Nimitz gave us more instructions. Myself and the Commander were to go to the bar, blend in, and socialize. He wished to hold back for now. Lieutenant Valencia was ordered to guard the shuttle, though she did object to this at first.

The Commander and I arrived at the bar and we took part in small-talk with ourselves and the bartender. This officer ordered a beverage that Vulcans would not be affected by. Some time later, the contact entered the bar and sat at a table. Captain Nimitz entered not too long afterward, sitting opposite him and the two began conversing. The Commander and I chose to sit at a table beside theirs in order to listen in and provide assistance as necessary. It was at this point that the Commander, being a telepath, began warning me that the contact knew that Captain Nimitz was Starfleet. This officer, hoping to alleviate the situation, entered the conversation with the Commander. It was at this moment that the contact referred to me by my rank and name, showing that he had knowledge of who we were and potentially knowledge of the 38th Fleet.

Contact voiced agreement in goals of dismantling TSTT after Captain Nimitz stated that such was his desire. When asked whether contact wished to cooperate jointly, he stated he would only do so for a price. When asked about said price, contact refused to answer. It is this officer's opinion, having thought over the encounter multiple times, that the contact may very well be lying regarding his goals.

Captain Nimitz soon began informing him of the operations of the Ferengi and his vessel.

NOTE: It was made aware to this officer that Command has not received a report regarding the questioning of the Ferengi slaver. This officer recommends seeking Captain Bishop for said report, as this officer was not present for the entire incident due to being sent out to conduct errands for Captain Nimitz.

When the contact was told that the Ferengi in question was trafficking slaves, the contact informed us that he already knew. He proceeded to inquire as to why Starfleet cares. About slavery. It was also revealed during this conversation that the Ferengi slaver has an implant in his head that allows the contact, Henry Hawkins, to see and hear everything the Ferengi does, along with remote control of the Ferengi's vessel. It is clear, at least to this officer, that Henry Hawkins is participating in the slavery operations with the Ferengi.

As the target proceeded to leave, this officer attempted to continue the conversation as I was in his way at the time. This officer wished to know why he was assisting slavers, and the contact seemed to not care to answer. This officer moved out of contact's way, going to the others. This officer recommended to the Captain and Commander that we depart Drozana station, as it was clear to this officer that no further information could be acquired.

Captain Nimitz disagreed, assuming this officer's previous position. Captain Nimitz informed the contact that he is not departing until the information is acquired. It was at this point that this officer assumed a tactical position on the far side of the table, as this officer believed that with how Captain Nimitz and the contact were conversing, somebody may attempt to trigger combat.

Captain Nimitz offered the contact supposedly substantial amounts of money (I believe if I recall correctly, the phrase was 'fat wallet'.)

It was at this moment that the contact recited a phrase from human colloquialisms regarding poultry and crosswalks. It is this officer's opinion that this phrase had nothing to do with the conversation, but was instead a signal to others. It was at this moment that the commander, being a telepath, announced to the bar that the individuals with weaponry trained on us can come out. It is this officer's opinion that the Commander read the contact's mind and that combat was about to begin. Believing this to be the case, this officer quietly called Lieutenant Valencia to arrive, given that she is a MACO and trained for combat situations. The Lieutenant acknowledged my request but never arrived. It should be noted that Captain Nimitz also believed that there were others ready to shoot at us, as he brought this up in his conversation with the contact soon after.

The contact proceeded to leave. The Commander stuck her leg out to trip the contact and Captain Nimitz made an odd pointing gesture at the contact. Several armed individuals approached us as the contact fell onto the floor. This officer brought out her phaser with the belief that these were the individuals the contact had hired to attack us.

These individuals were, as it turned out, Drozana security guards. One of them began asking questions regarding what happened. The other ordered this officer to put away her phaser. This officer immediately complied with law enforcement, requesting the law enforcement officer to take note of her compliance.

It is at this point that this officer wishes to voice several objections. This officer does not believe that the Commander should have tripped the contact, especially in such a public place that would draw attention. What soon followed overshadows this objection with a much greater one. The Commander claimed to station security that the contact had sexually assaulted her and must be arrested immediately. Given the seriousness of such a complaint, along with the actual /real/ crimes Henry Hawkins is tied to, this officer believes that what the Commander did was both unethical and immoral. This officer did not object in the moment due to the tense conversation with station security. If this officer believed that objecting would not destabilize the situation and jeopardize the mission even further, I would have.

This officer wishes to also object to the following. The Captain informed station security that this was a Starfleet matter and that the guards should leave. Given we were wearing civilian attire, this statement complicated matters. It also complicated matters that we were assuming extraterritoriality and demanding extradition without going through official channels. However, for several reasons, this officer complied. This officer believed that objecting in the moment would destabilize the situation. This officer also previously held trust in her commanding officer's decision-making and believed he held a greater plan in mind.

This officer proceeded to bring up the fact that the contact was connected to slavers, as my superior officers at the time seemed insistent on attempting to persuade the guards. At this moment, the Commander stated that her sisters were held in slavery by Henry Hawkins. This officer believes this was a ruse, and also objects. This officer believes such a statement is both unethical and immoral.

The guards were insistent on taking the contact in for their own investigation. It was at this moment that Captain Nimitz offered a guard a bribe. This officer wishes to object, as the Captain had already identified himself as Starfleet. A Starfleet officer attempting to bribe law enforcement would be detrimental to its reputation.

The guards proceeded to take the contact away and began questioning us. They wished to take a statement, and the Commander proceeded to simulate sadness and tears. During this statement, the guards informed us that they were releasing the contact from their custody and that he departed the station.

The guards proceeded to ask questions regarding my phaser, stating that it was illegal and that I was under arrest. This officer was unaware, as there was no briefing and this officer had never been to Drozana before. This officer carried a phaser as was requested of her. The Commander grabbed this officer by the arm and took her away. The guards did not make any attempt to halt us, which left this officer believing that such weaponry was common among the station populace.

As we returned to the transporter room, this officer found a blood trail that led to Lieutenant Valencia laying in the corner. She had multiple stab wounds and was minutes away from death. The Commander began tending to her as this officer moved to grab the first aid kit from the delta flyer, returning. We then departed to the Pegasus and met up with the Endeavour.

Lieutenant Valencia was brought to the Pegasus medical bay and Captain Bishop met with Captain Nimitz and myself in the conference room. Captain Nimitz briefed Captain Bishop on the situation as this officer reflected upon what happened. This officer did not have much to contribute, only stating that the contact was no longer a viable source of information.

Captain Bishop went off to see Lieutenant Valencia in medical and this officer was sent to ensure the Captain had no issue navigating the Pegasus. This officer saw the Captain wished to be alone and provided necessary distance.

RECOMMENDATION: Recommend investigation be proper and thorough and actions be taken to stop continuation of slavery by these factions. This officer requests that this officer's objections be taken into account. Recommend Henry Hawkins be acquired for questioning. These people. These slavers. They are organized. Motivated. They clearly know what they are doing, and this officer recommends a full investigation into organized crime be opened. It is this officer's opinion that Henry Hawkins is tied directly to Lieutenant Valencia's stabbing.

//ATTACHMENT// Communique.log

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Stardate 95784.9
CAPT A.H. Nimitz
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: Deep Space 13, and Drozana Station

MISSION: Interrogation of captured slavers/ interview with a person of interest in the TSTT investigation

OUTCOME: Captured slavers gave information regarding their operations for the TSTT. Interview with person of interest gave no results, Lieutenant Valencia was injured.

CAPT S. Bishop
CAPT A. Nimitz
CMDR V. T'luhatha
LCDR E. Eunbi
1LT G. Valencia
LT(JG) S. Valore

NARRATIVE: Following the capture of slavers in the Vonta Colony incident, Captain Bishop and the reporting officer, joined by Commander T'luhatha and Lieutenant Valore conducted the interrogations of the Vonta colony Governor and the Ferengi slave trader Nuddy. The ex-Governor confessed his involvement with great regret on his part, agreeing to give Starfleet his full cooperation due to the fact his family is being captured by the slavers.

The Ferengi slaver Nuddy confessed to being in the employment of one Henareya, the head of the Finances and Acquisitions department for the Trans-Sector Trading Triskaidecarch. Nuddy continued to inform us regarding the main job he was hired by the TSTT, involving transporting captured Federation civilians from the Vonta colony and transporting them to meet with the TSTT owned Bortas class Battlecruiser, formerly under command of one T'kuq K'mporv, the former head of Security for the TSTT. The Ferengi continued to fill us in details of how he was contacted by the TSTT via encrypted messages that he decoded with the help of a device implant inside his brain. The device in question was bought from the Hawkins Emporium, under the control of one Henry Hawkins.

The Ferengi informed us of the last time he met with T'kuq and his vessel several days before T'kuq's death, after a quick search, Captain Bishop found a public post on the holonet allegedly posted by Henry Hawkins that gave a strong suggestion that Henry Hawkins may have played a role in the death of T'kuq. The reporting officer and Captain Bishop both came to the conclusion that Hawkins was using the device he sold Nuddy to spy on the TSTT, and it was decided that it would be worth having an interview with Henry Hawkins to discover what he knows of the TSTT. With the added urgency of tracking down the TSTT Bortas that is being used to transport kidnapped Federation Civilians into slavery, the reporting officer contacted Henry Hawkins to arrange a meeting onboard Drozana station.

Taking the advice of Captain Bishop, this reporting officer took along Lieutenant Commander Eunbi, as well as Lieutenants Valencia and Valore as backup in case any trouble occurred. Upon our arrival to Drozana the reporting officer ordered Lieutenant Valencia to guard the shuttle while giving Commander Eunbi and Valore orders to blend in with the crowd at the bar.After giving a head start, the reporting officer followed behind, and waited at the bar for Hawkins to arrive.

After the arrival of Hawkins, the reporting officer approached his table and begun to conduct negotiations for his wares. The conversation went well as it evolved into the topic of the TSTT and the encryption device he sold to Nuddy in which Hawkins confessed it was being used to spy upon the TSTT. Before we could go deeper into the conversation and learn how to find more information regarding the TSTT and the TSTT Bortas, the conversation was interrupted by Lieutenant Commander Eunbi and Lieutenant Valore.

After the interruption, Hawkins confessed he knew we were Starfleet officers. After this confession he refused to respond to any more questions, when pressed on the matter why, he explained that he didn't want to see the TSTT gone as it would result in chaos among the criminal underworld, he also explained he had his own plans for the TSTT, however would refuse to share anything more. By this point the situation was escalated when Commander Eunbi suddenly announced we were surrounded by hired guns, the reporting officer continued to try and negotiate with Hawkins regarding how to track down the TSTT Bortas vessel while Lieutenant Valore called in Lieutenant Valencia for backup.

As Hawkins left the situation, the away team departed as well and found Lieutenant Valencia in the hallway with injuries, we departed the station and returned to the Pegasus as soon as we were able to to give Valencia medical treatment.

RECOMMENDATION: At this time, this reporting officer has several recommendations, first is moving the Ex-Governor from the brig and into a set of quarters to remain under house arrest until we find the location of the kidnapped colonist. Second, assuming the TSTT doesn't yet know of Nuddy's capture, Starfleet allows him back to his command, along with a Starfleet crew under cover, assuming Nuddy holds up his end of the deal, this officer would recommend his consideration for Witness protection relocation for Nuddy.

In regards to Hawkins, as a current suspect in the assault and attempted murder of Lieutenant Valencia, this officer recommends bringing Hawkins into custody for a formal interview regarding his involvement in the attack, as well as turning over the information he knows regarding the TSTT.

OOC: This is the AAR report from Nimitz's point of view to cover both the interrogations and the incident on Drozana
Stardate 95789.4
1LT G. Valencia
Level 3 - Restricted

NARRATIVE: Following on from the narratives provided by the other officers, I would like to add the following: I was briefed by Captain Bishop that Captain Nimitz was to meet with a man called Henry Hawkins, a man whom I had met before. Given my previous interactions with Mister Hawkins, Captain Bishop believed I was the best officer on the ship to assist Captain Nimitz in a meeting with this man, as well as providing backup should the meeting go south. I agreed.

Upon arrival to the station however, Captain Nimitz placed me on shuttle guarding duty. I protested this decision, given the information above, and informed him that he should perhaps place another officer, such as Lieutenant Valore, in charge of guarding the shuttle, given her lack of field experience or knowledge of this man. Despite this, Captain Nimitz did not change his order and I followed instructions.

After observing Mister Hawkins arrive on the station, I informed the others and then went to sit inside the shuttle. I was later called by Lieutenant Valore to come to give assistance. I left the shuttle, and as I did, I was ambushed by five unknown assailants. Before I could react, I was shot by what I now know was a phaser on stun, which knocked me unconscious. I am told that I also suffered broken ribs, a broken arm, and several stab wounds, though I am unsure how these came about my body.

RECOMMENDATION: I would like to reiterate my protest to Captain Nimitz; Captain Bishop chose me to accompany Captain Nimitz on this meeting because of my previous knowledge of this man as well as being well equipped to de-escalate situations, which does not, as people seem to think MACOs only ever do, always require physical force. I would like to state that if I had not been placed on guard duty, I doubt that this meeting would have gone so badly.

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