AAR: DS13 Space Intrusion Interception

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CMDR Na'Toth

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space 13 Space.

MISSION Scramble call was issued to immediate available vessels and captains to intercept cloaked ship entering Deep Space 13 space that was detected by the outer tachyon grid perimeter.

OUTCOME Unknown force identified as Klingon warships under the command of Captain Onnak on a mission to retrieve General Tre’gok. Klingon vessels no longer a threat and Captain Onnak invited aboard Deep Space 13 to discuss the release of General Tre’gok.

Captain Vorki (@Douketios), Commanding U.S.S. Durandel
Command Na’Toth Salene (@Biska), Commanding U.S.S. Ajilon

NARRATIVE Early in the evening on Deep Space 13, a call from station operations was sent out requesting Captain Vorik and myself to take our respective starships towards the perimeter of DS13 space to intercept and inbound vessels. We both rushed to our vessels without hesitates and quickly went underway.

DS13 operations then provided amplifying information, the outer perimeter of the Tachyon detection grid detected four vessels passing through while standards sensors arrays and buoys detected nothing and correctly assumed the inbound force was under cloak.

On intercept course the Durandel took lead, being the senior officer present afloat, and the Ajilon took up station behind to support. We detected the cloaked vessels and identified them as one Vorcha class cruiser and three hegh’ta class heavy birds of prey. Captain Vorik hailed the on-coming klingon forces and requested they de-cloak identify themselves. The Vorcha and one bird of prey immediately complied and hailed Captain Vorik, the klingon in command identified himself as captain Onnak and have come to retrieve General Tre’gok.

Captain Vorik proceeded to commencing diplomatic negotiations with Captain Onnak, however I noticed that two of the birds of prey where still cloaked and in-bound towards the station and, assuming a boarding attempt would be made, warned both captain Vorik and DS13 operations recommending that the stations raise shields and be prepared to repel boarders. Captain Vorik used this to his advantage and requested the remaining vessels halt and de-cloak. Captain Onnak appeared to be caught off-guard that we were able to detected his other two ships, but complied.

For the next half hour captain Vorik negotiated with captain Onnak, eventually securing the klingon’s promise to stand down. Captain Onnak would be granted permission to dock and board the station to make a claim in general Tre’gok’s defense and release. The three birds-of-prey departed and returned to Klingon space.

RECOMMENDATION The only recommendation I can provide is to allow captain Onnak to make his case for or on behalf general Tre’gok to avoid any further hostilities. I also recommend that we keep a closer eye on our borders, if four vessels were able to penetrate this far into our area of responsibility, they could be able to do much more than simply demand the release of their general.

RECOGNITION I highly commend captain Vorik for is superb diplomacy. He was able to diffuse volatile situation with a hostile force and come to a sort of truce, possibly saving many lives, especially the lives the Ajilon for we would not have been able to survive an engagement unscathed. So I ask that captain Vorik be recommended for the Starfeet Medal of Commendation or the Prentares Ribbon of Commendation.

OOC Thank you sir Kermit (@kermit) for the RP! Even if it was last minute impromptu sort of thing, it was still fun.

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CAPT Vorik

ADDENDUM I would enter into record that I make no disagreement with Commander Na’Toth’s recollection of the event as it is accurate to my memory as well. I would ammend only that my own actions were simply in keeping with Starfleet regulations and standards of behaviour nothing more.

The U.S.S. Ajilon should be noted as a unique and essential asset in situations requiring the quick aquisition of the location and nature of cloaked vessels, as the successful conclusion of the operation was only possible thanks to the vessel’s unique capacities and the skillful employment of them by its crew and commander. It has doubtless occured to command, but this officer would like to add his voice to the consensus, that the Ajilon or vessels similarly equipped should be included in any response to suspected cloaked vessels.

Further, Commander Na’Toth was a capable officer who was well aware of her ship’s capabilities and limitations and remained calm and in control of herself, her crew, and her vessel in the situation. I enter into record that it is my recommendation that Commander Na’Toth receive the Starfleet Recognition Ribbon for her essential role in the operation and professional behaviour in keeping with Starfleet tradition.

A final addition, it would be advisable in future that when a foreign national is detained - especially where that individual is a person of import in their home culture - that the appropriate authorities in their government or other culturally appropriate body be notified at once and invited to present themselves to provide support for the individual in question. This is in keeping not only with principles of justice but also would help to avoid potential unannounced arrivals such as this and especially arrivals where hostile intent is assumed of us and others.

OOCDefinitely thank you both for a very enjoyable event - my first! :D - and just being wonderful peeps to roleplay with <3